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How to Bench Press – How to Use Leg Drive

In our continuing series with Jesse Burdick from, we tackle one of the most misunderstand aspects of the bench press – leg drive.

Whenever I talk to anyone or instruct a group on how to bench press, I always get puzzled looks when I start talking about leg drive.  Even though it is rarely discussed, it really is the key to increasing your bench weights.

Listen carefully as Jesse talks about how important leg drive is and the techniques you can use to improve your leg drive.

Some key points Jesse discusses:

– The leg drive focuses on building up bottom of the bench press.

– It gives you a better platform or foundation to press from (note: remember what we always say, More tension = more strength.  The bench press is a full body lift and you need tension in the lower body to improve your overall strength for the drive phase.)

– Wind up hip capsule and drive feet down into the floor.  If you’re missing hip mobility, this will affect your leg drive and tension in the lower body.  Mobility also impacts your ability to ‘bench off the traps’ and maintain proper thoracic extension while benching.

– Work on a variety of foot positions to find your right spot.  Jesse goes over several different techniques for setting up the feet.

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By on June 21st, 2012

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  1. Posted by - phil a buster on August 2, 2014

    actually push feet and bar together???

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