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Proud Dad. Ambassador of Kindness. Champion Hugger. Aspiring Daoist. Strength Coach. Entrepreneur. Author.

Posts by Smitty

  • Diesel Strength Challenge – Most Push-ups in 1 Minute

    Diesel Strength Challenge – Most Push-ups in 1 Minute Here is the first Diesel Strength Challenge. Watch the video below and film your submission his week. Make sure you put your best effort forward. You’ll probably want to film a few takes in case one...

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  • Diesel Strength Challenges

      Diesel Strength Challenges We are starting something really cool on the Diesel site.  We are calling it Diesel Strength Challenges. Jedd originated the idea on the main Diesel site with his grip strength videos. We will be creating video showing workouts, exercises, strength feats...

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  • Super Simple Full Body Warm-up

    Super Simple Full Body Warm-up As you know, Steve Maxwell and I are putting on the 1st annual Advanced Strength & Mobility Seminar on April 9th, so I wanted to share with you a very simple warm-up I picked up from him.  This movement is...

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  • The Box Squat – How to Box Squat

    The Box Squat Chandler Marchman, CSCS/CPT Brought to you by Team Swole Patrol “Purveyor of All Things Awesome” When I think of things that absolutely suck in the day to day life of a washed up meathead such as myself, I think dirty laundry,...

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  • Subscribe to My Youtube Channel

      Subscribe to My Youtube Channel As you can see I upgraded my Youtube channel. In this post I want to make sure all of you are subscribed.  This way you are the first to get notified for any new videos. It is very easy...

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  • Never Save Anything for the Swim Back

    Let me tell you about a little known movie with a really important message. The movie was Gattaca. In this movie, there was an endless struggle between two brothers. One brother excelled at athletics and was a scholar.  The other younger brother (played by Ethan...

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