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Becoming Ronin Podcast – #2 – The Ronin Game, Personal Accountability, Madness in Excellence

What does the student do when they feel discouraged? They go out and encourage others. This is the true intent of the Ronin game and giving of yourself to ease the suffering of others. Learn how personal accountability will completely change how you look at life. Specifically, when you don’t see your role in a situation, you can never see things from someone else’s perspective. OB reveals his “Decision Making Matrix,” that he uses to guide his life decisions. Finally, to achieve absolute greatness in your life, you must forego all else and jump into the abyss.


[0:00] INTRO

[2:07] Rapid Fire Questions for Smitty

[4:48] What is The Ronin Game and Random Acts of Kindness

[15:05] Madness in Excellence

[18:00] Reflecting on Your Personal Accountability

[22:20] Accepting Criticism and Developing a Sense of SELF

[26:00] The Importance of Self-Forgiveness

[28:21] The Biggest Problem That Plagues Trainers

[32:35] A Better Approach to Injury

[42:10]  The Importance of Unloaded Movements in Training

[43:00] Common Problems with Mobility Exercises

[44:07] Use This Decision Making Matrix to Make Tough Decisions Seem Easy

[53:45] The Rules of the Ronin Game


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Smitty & OB

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