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Best Shoulder Rehab Exercises – Part 1

Best Shoulder Rehab Exercises

I love training.

I mean I really love training.

I think about it every day.  I think about what I’m going to do for my training session, new exercises I’m going to film and what am I going to read during the day to make me a better coach.

One of the things I get better as is trying to identify exercises that really help people. Help them to build muscle, rehab an injury or just reach their particular goals.

Today we will focus on some of my favorite exercises for shoulder rehab and warming up the shoulders.

Many lifters and athletes screw their shoulders up benching too much and sitting too much with bad posture.  It really is freaking tough to turn this around with the hour they spend with me in the gym.  In fact, it is almost impossible.  I have to keep on them to hit their lacrosse ball massage, mobility work, drink lots of water and to take frequent breaks from chatting on Facebook and tweeting.

Here are some of my go-to shoulder movements that we hit almost every workout.

Scarecrows Are Scary, But Not as Scary as a Shoulder Problem

This shoulder movement is awesome because it does so many things.  It dynamically stretches the chest, it activates the mid-to-lower back and lats and it is just badass.  The band is much different than the db version and that is why I like it.  It provides a different strength profile and engagement

Diesel Fast Shoulder Combo

This killer combo was posted on Diesel a long time ago, but we still use the sequence today.

Exercise 1: Seated Scarecrow
Exercise 2: Side Lying Posterior Flyes
Exercise 3: Kneeling Push-ups Plus
Exercise 4: Chest / Shoulder Stretch

Original Post:

3 Insanely Effective, FAST Upper Body Warm-ups

Don’t sleep on this video — 3 amazing warm-ups for the upper body.  These are time-tested and work big time.  Choose any one of them and get to work.

Warm-Up #1

Perform 1 Run Through

1a) Jump Rope, 3 min

1b) Foam Roller, 30 seconds each area

1c) Shoulder Bridging, 10 reps each side

1d) Push-ups, 20 reps

1e) Push-up Plus, 10 reps

1f) Kneeling Reach Through, 5 each side

1g) Banded Diesel Face Pulls, 20 reps

1h) Muscle Snatches, 10 reps

Warm-Up #2

Perform 1 Run Through

1a) Jump Rope, 3 min

1b) Foam Roller, 30 seconds each area

1c) Med Ball Wall Dribbling, Left to Right, 10 times

1d) Db Laterals, 10 reps

1e) DB Flyes, 10 reps

1f) DB Raises, 10 reps

1g) DB Presses, 10 reps

1h) Banded External Rotations, 10 reps each arm

1i) Standing Rotator “Y”, 10 reps

1j) DB Lateral Drops (Activation), 15 reps

1k) Plate Extensions into Halos, 10 reps

Warm-Up #3

Perform 1 Run Through

1a) Jump Rope, 3 min

1b) Foam Roller, 30 seconds each area

1c) Lat Stretches, 5 resets each side

1d) Band Shoulder Stretches, 3 Ways, Various

1e) Hindu Push-ups, 20 reps

1f) Cable Face Pulls with External Rotation, 10 reps

1g) Cable Face Pulls, 10 reps

1h) Side Lying External DB Rotations, 10 reps each side

1i) Blackburns, 10 reps

1j) Full Range DB Laterals, 10 reps

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By on July 29th, 2011


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Comments (2)

  1. Posted by - Daniel on July 29, 2011

    The thought and work you put into your training clearly shows (at least, in my mind) and is truly appreciated. I have had some serious shoulder pain and your exercises have worked miracles.
    I’m always a fan and will continue to support.
    Daniel A. Ditlof

  2. Posted by - Personal Trainer Mumbai on July 29, 2011

    Thanks for info …

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