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Joint-Friendly Bodybuilding with Chains


One of the biggest misconceptions and myths about using heavy chains in training is that they are only reserved for powerlifting. While it is true that using chains and bands for accommodating resistance has many benefits (see the Strength System, Special Strength, and the Chaos Manual) for developing strength, speed, and power, they can provide a very unique training stimulus for higher volume bodybuilding (isolation and integrative) workouts.

Quick Overview

Simply attach multiple chains to a “D” handle with a carabiner and you’ll have a weight that progressively loads a range of motion, similarly to how chains work to “mimic” an athlete’s natural strength curve and adjust to their leverage through a movement pattern.

This basically means as an athlete’s leverage improves, more chain weight is progressively added to the lift (bench press lockout) and when the athlete’s leverage is poor (off their chest), more chain is piled onto the floor.

Other Amazing Uses

Chains provide dynamic stabilization (Chaos Manual, 2004) (Extreme, 2012) and agitation to lifts to develop enhanced stability for the engaged joint systems.

Awesome Chain Exercises for You to Try

Chain curls, chain bench, chain farmers walks, chain overhead walks, chain curl to press, chain shoulder press, chain tricep extensions, chain posterior flyes, chain hamstring marches, chain laterals, chain overhead sit-ups, chain wide-grip upright rows, RNT push-ups (chains on lower back), chain push-ups, chain zercher squats, chain belt squats, and many more…

Here is the circuit in the video:

1A] Chain Curls, 4 sets x 10-12 reps
1B] Decline Chain Tricep Extensions, 4 sets x 10-12 reps

By on February 26th, 2017

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