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Ageless Athlete 3.0 is ready to change your workouts forever. It is an amazing 12-week program that includes over 300+ follow-along exercises (this will grow over time and you’ll get all the updates!), 4 super effective warm-ups (an upper body, lower body, full body warm-up, and the new World’s Greatest Warm-up (WGW) – that you can follow-along from your mobile device!), the never-before-seen Super 7 Mobility protocols (one for the shoulders and one for the hips), 70+ intraworkout resets (literally your go-to feel better right now drills), specialization courses, and the Ageless Athlete 3.0 simple assessment that will customize the program to what you specifically need right now!

Program type = Strength, Muscle Mass & Better Movement
Program Duration = 12 weeks (repeatable)
Training Split = 4X/week (Upper/Lower/Full split)
Who is this program for? = Everyone who loves to workout and wants to train for a lifetime!
Special Equipment Needed? None. This workout can be done at any “standard” gym that’s equipped with basic barbells and dumbbells.


Introducing, the new 12-week Ageless Athlete 3.0 program. If you are an athlete or lifter who has been training for years, this program will be a game-changer for your training. If you are a coach or trainer, these must-have protocols will deliver results for your clients and help your business explode!

With the NEW Ageless Athlete 3.0 program there are even more intraworkout resets, an expand private video library, more advanced training protocols, the World’s Greatest Warm-up (WGW), and much more! The Ageless Athlete 2.0 program changed the game in 2018 and now the new edition is ready to help you feel better, move better, and train better. The goal is to be able to train pain free for a lifetime and Ageless Athlete 3.0 will help you every step of the way!


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