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Diesel Sled / Suspension Strap – 8′


You are going to love this very versatile and super durable 8' strap. It will become your go-to sled strap that you can easily hook your weightlifting belt to for every sled dragging variation you can think of! But here's the best part! The Diesel Sled Strap doubles as a suspension strap that you can hook over the pull-up bar on your power cage or under the bleachers at the football field. Both ends of the strap are looped so you have many different options for how you anchor the ends of the straps so you can get to work!

* Use this sled strap with the Diesel Upper Body Strap to explode your sled dragging arsenal! Easily perform face pulls, curls, pull aparts, front raises, chest flyes, chest presses, and a ton of other upper body variations!

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