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Virtual Movement Assessment


Schedule your one hour virtual movement assessment with Smitty! Get on a call with Smitty and get a personalized assessment to help you understand the critical next steps in your programming. If you haven’t been progressing in your workouts and your training is suffering, getting a individualized assessment will be a game changer and immediately jump start your training again! You need to find what are the right exercises for your workouts so you can begin training better and moving better right now!

Your personal assessment session will include:
Initial Assessment / Consultation
– Active lower body assessments
– Active upper body assessments
– Integrated movement pattern analysis
– Training video analysis review
Personalized Programming Strategies
– Review of your current program
– Personalized exercise selection
– Personalized programming considerations
30-Day Follow-up
– 30-day review of your new training program and your next steps!



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