No More Guesswork. Just Real RESULTS.
Learn How 11 Exercises Were Perfectly Combined to Create This Proven, Step-By-Step 14 Minute Warm-up That Will Leave You Feeling Amazing and Help You To Have the Best Workout of Your Life!

I still remember seeing the post on Facebook like it was yesterday. My good friend Joey Smith was talking about an upcoming bench press competition and he was bummed. He had just injured his shoulder in training and every workout when he benched – his shoulder hurt like hell. Not only that, he was losing strength. I knew he needed help so I called him up and we got to work.

It was funny, after doing an assessment and talking with him, it turned out that…

His Problems Were Just Like Yours and Mine!

His shoulders were slouched, his back was too tight, and the muscles that were supposed to be helping him ‘stabilize’ his big bench press – were not working like they should! I knew I had to come up with something that was pretty special if I was going to help him.


The 3-Wave Assault

Now this innovative 3-wave approach didn’t only work well, Joey actually hit an all-time PERSONAL RECORD on the day of the competition. And I’m not talking about a 315 bench, or even 405lbs. I will tell you more about that in a minute.

Let me first tell you what you can expect from this warm-up protocol and why it works so well. This comprehensive sequence of exercises targets soft-tissue restrictions across your shoulders and upper back, improves the movement of your shoulders, and gets your muscles firing the right way. It worked fast for Joey but for real change and improvement, you need to be use this program often. And once you make it a habit to warm-up consistently, those normal ‘aches and pains’ won’t be holding you back anymore. You’ll start to get stronger again and move better than ever before.

So how well did it work for Joey?

He Benched 800 lbs!!!

Just by focusing on the warm-up (something he admits he didn’t do) and working on the mobility of his upper back, he was able to not only overcome the injury but to hit 800 lbs in a competition. Something he had never done before. I was so excited for him and humbled by all of the great appreciation he showed me for helping him out.

Check out what Joey had to say!

Will It Work For You?

You’re probably thinking that, you don’t bench anywhere near 800lbs, so this warm-up won’t work for you. Think again! Joey’s problems are the SAME common problems that we all face everyday because of sitting on the computer or driving a long commute to work. When this ‘dysfunction’ creeps in, it limits our strength and movement, and predisposes us to injury.

That is why this is a perfect done-for-you warm-up. It helps to correct these common problems and you don’t have to second guess anything. You can just watch the routine and do it.

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