This Truly Unique Seminar Is Like No Other. You Will Not Only Get World Class Instruction, You Will Be ‘Under the Bar’ Actually Doing All of the Exercises. This Type of Hands On Training is Priceless!
You Will Be Able To Apply The Knowledge, Experience and Real-World Training Immediately Into Your Program As Soon As You Get Back to Your Gym.

Unfortunately seating is very limited and we can only allow the first 20 people admittance to this one-of-a-kind seminar. Steve is rarely on the east coast and I am taking full advantage by bringing him into my facility to learn from this world renowned strength coach. If you don’t get a ticket, please email me at info [at] dieselcrew [dot] com and I will put you on the alternative list in case someone is unable to attend.


When: January 14, 2012

Time: 9am-4pm

Location: Elmira Fitness Center

3162 Lake Road, Horseheads NY 14845

$197 / person


9:00am-10:00am: Jim: How to Bench Press, How to Teach the Bench (Hands On)

10:00am-11:00am: Jim: How to Squat, How to Teach the Squat (Hands On)


11:10am-12:00pm: Jim: How to Deadlift, How to Teach the Deadlift (Hands On)

12:00pm-12:30pm: LUNCH

12:30pm-1:30pm: Steve: Kettlebell Training (Hands On)


1:40pm-2:40pm: Steve: Advanced Mobility (Hands On)

2:40pm-3:40pm: Steve: Advanced Bodyweight Training (Hands On)


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Limited to 20 participants ONLY, ACT NOW!

No refunds or cancellations after January 1st, 2012


Now is your chance to learn from strength coach, world traveler and ageless athlete, Steve Maxwell. Steve has added a whole new level of material to this series, covering his latest experiments as well as the fundamentals.

Allow Steve to teach you his newly-reconfigured routines, combinations and incomparable single exercises.

In this mobility workshop, you will learn:

  • How to regain the movement of your childhood
  • The path to effortless grace and power (Steve can’t make any promises, but he will point the way)
  • Internal exercises to enhance energy, concentration and well-being
  • Healing shoulder movements for those who’ve overdone it
  • Why a supple spine is key to both graceful aging and rejuvenation–and how to keep your own spine supple
  • Steve’s original hip-opening routines–a remedy for virtually every athlete’s tightest body parts
  • Why strength and endurance is still not enough
  • Compensatory healing movements to counter-balance the negative effects of kettlebells
  • How to enhance your athletic performance at any level by unlocking the potential for limitless movement
  • Self-diagnosis of problem areas and how to personalize your mobility routine

In the field of exercise, training and conditioning, the foundation has always been mastery of your own body weight. Of the countless people out there hefting kettlebells and barbells, many are as yet unable to pull their own weight.

In this workshop, Steve demonstrates his inimitable techniques to maximizing the body’s potential for strength and conditioning–with little-to-no equipment–lighting the way to physical body mastery.

In this body weight workshop, you will learn:

  • How even prisoners under super-max lock-down manage to build amazing levels of strength and endurance under the most primitive conditions, both environmental and dietary–how do they do it?
  • How martial artists and gymnasts utilize their own body weight to build fantastic strength, power and aesthetics
  • Exercises used by the Spartans, Roman gladiators and Alexander the Great–sure to make a modern warrior out of you!
  • Why Steve’s single desert-island piece of equipment is his trusted Lifeline Jungle Gym
  • How body weight exercises such as pull-ups, dips and push-ups are your de facto body composition machines, naturally encouraging fat loss with frequent practice
  • Finally, how to bring into creation your own lean and muscular mid-section–without a single sit-up

The kettlebell is the penultimate swinging tool; it was invented for swinging. Yet most people know only the most basic swings. Steve has developed many swing variations to work the core and cardio from every possible angle, creating tremendous conditioning.

A swing for every reason and even beyond reason! Learn Steve’s innovative circular movements for top-level conditioning!

In this kettlebell workshop, you will learn:

  • Hard-Style Swing
  • GS Swing
  • Xfit Swing
  • Alternating Swing
  • Straight-Leg Swing
  • Side Swing
  • Halo Chop Swing
  • Walking Swings: forward, side & back
  • Pirouette
  • Squat Swing
  • Low-As-You-Go Swing
  • Swing-Catch
  • High-Pull Swing

See how Smitty teaches the BIG 3 lifts; the bench press, the squat and the deadlift. These foundational movements are a staple in any good strength program. Working with athletes of all ages and skill levels, you must ensure that each of these compound lifts are performed correctly, so your coaching and cueing is key.

Each lift can be broken down into their foundational transitions and components. You’ll learn how to transition from each phase of the lifts and how to correct many technique flaws. Draw from Smitty’s 10 years of coaching athletes and fitness enthusiasts and don’t make the same mistakes he did.

In this strength workshop, you will learn:

The Squat
  • The absolute best progression for teaching the squat to beginners
  • The key indicators that every coach must know, and how to correct them
  • Why tension at the start of the lift is lost 99% of the time
  • How to get a deeper squat with three simple drills

The Deadlift
  • How to avoid the worst mistakes and not wreck your back
  • The best transitioning movements to get you started to full deadlifts
  • How to effectively implement deadlifts into your athletic programs or your workouts in the gym
  • Why most lifters injure their backs with the deadlift
  • How tension can create more power, strength and increase the safety and effectiveness of the lift
  • The top down training progression that works every time!

The Bench Press
  • The absolute single worst mistake most lifters make when starting to bench
  • The simple correction that will force you to hit a perfect rep every time
  • How to change your first primary worksets to have your best training session ever
  • Simple alternatives to bench pressing that will teach you the essential “patterns” you need to get back to benching


Limited to 20 participants ONLY, ACT NOW!

No refunds or cancellations after January 1st, 2012