Two Fitness Industry Leaders With Over 40 Years of Combined Training Experience Have Finally Put Together the Perfect Training System. The Athletic Strength Development System Will Redefine Your Training Forever.

There are many challenges that any fitness enthusiast or strength coach face when trying to design good effective programs for their athletes. You know, the ones that really GET RESULTS. Trainees and trainers alike either want to have an awesome workout program for themselves or develop the best training program for their clients and athletes.

The Proven Blueprint for Getting the RESULTS You Want

Imagine if you had a PROVEN training template for all of your programs and you knew exactly which exercises worked and how to effectively incorporate them into your workouts. That is EXACTLY what the new Athletic Strength Development System will do for you.

There is no more guesswork!

Each and every product goes above and beyond to cover every base and leave no stone unturned.

Look Like a Genius and Feel Like the Best Coach in the World

When Joe D. and I sat down to start developing this innovative training system, we defined the top 6 obstacles that most coaches face when trying to create really good workouts. We knew that if we could create a system to address each and every component that all comprehensive programs must HAVE, then we could help athletes, strength coaches and personal trainers finally achieve a new level of performance.

Eliminate All of Your Obstacles

When creating each element of the Complete Athletic Strength Development System, we systematically went to work eliminating the following 6 common roadblocks:

Roadblock Number 1: How to Warm-up Effectively and What Are the Important Components of Every Good Warm-up?

We knew that the warm-up should never be skipped because it helps to transition your clients and athletes from whatever they were doing all day – to getting under the bar and into the training session. If we could do this, your athletes would not only be able to train better, but train harder and with greater intensity. So we created the AMPED Warm-up System. It introduces the perfect self-myofascial release, dynamic mobility and activation sequence to prepare anyone to train more efficiently, recover faster, and prepare them to play any sport.

Roadblock Number 2: How to Create Power and Where Do You Put Power Exercises in Your Program?

Because of their intensity, POWER! exercises are done at the beginning of the workout in the Athletic Strength Development System. Exercises such as upper and lower body plyometrics, jump training, various medicine balls throwing variations, sprints, Olympic weightlifting and contrast training sequences must be done with a focus on quality and only after a good thorough warm-up. The POWER DVD and Manual provides a comprehensive view of some of the most innovative power exercises you have ever seen and shows you how to plug them into the training template.

Roadblock Number 3: How to Create Real World Strength and Eliminate Training Plateaus?

Joe D. and I know that the basics always work. Exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, dips, and so on…form the basis of the supplemental exercises that you perform after the primary compound lifts (such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, military press) in your workout. But at some point, to prevent a training plateau, all exercises and programs must progress – that is where the EXTREME DVD comes into play. The EXTREME DVD is literally the source of a MASSIVE arsenal of awesome exercises that you probably have never-seen-before, but will literally CHANGE YOUR WORKOUTS FOREVER. Our goal was to give you unlimited options and variations to the ‘standard’ exercises that you typically use everyday, and to make training fun again for you and your athletes.

Roadblock Number 4: How to Identify and Eliminate Dysfunction and Why This Will Keep You Safe and Reduce the Likelihood of Getting Injured?

Learning the causes of most common posture, movement and breathing dysfunctions – will help you to better understand why your athletes can’t perform certain movements well. When you can recognize these ‘bad habits’, you will be able to address them in your programming and help your athletes move, feel and perform better. Immobility issues like tight hips and a restricted upper back, or even poor breathing patterns are common with most athletes. All of these problems need to be addressed so that each individual athlete has the best opportunity to reach their greatest potential. This is the very reason the Hard:CORE System was developed and why it took us over 2 years to create. We wanted to make sure you had very simple and easy-to-follow system to help you re-establish good posture and proper core strength and stability for your athletes.

Roadblock Number 5: Understanding How to Actually Make Your Athletes Faster in the Game?

Unfortunately, most strength coaches and trainers rely on SPEED training protocols from the standard ‘track and field’ model. Well, game time doesn’t happen in a straight line and developing SPEED for team sport athletes isn’t as simple as running a few patterned cone or ladder drills. Team sport athletes require a slightly different approach. Yes, cone drills and pre-determined ladder sequences can be used as a warm-up, but a more progressive alternative approach must be incorporated. That is why the new SPEED system is perfect. The ‘next level’ SPEED DVD and the massive SPEED manual define one of the best models for creating real speed for real athletes.

Roadblock Number 6: Loading Faulty Movement Patterns?

Every good strength and conditioning program includes variations of the bench press, squat, and deadlift. While it is easy to write these exercises on a piece of paper and program a percentage of weight to use with each one or a specific volume (sets x reps), it is much more important to ensure each athlete has their individual form dialed in before adding more weight to the bar. If you don’t know the regressions for each movement to help each athlete work on their current limitations, weaknesses, and ‘tight areas’, you could be setting them up for a big time injury and NO RESULTS. The STRENGTH System has the proven techniques and coaching cues to help you revolutionize your program, because better technique on the ‘BIG 3″ barbell lifts, will develop the foundation of strength needed to get bigger, faster, stronger, and improve performance.

Finally! The Complete Athletic Strength Development System!

After defining and understanding these common problems, we went to work creating products to address each one. In the Complete Athletic Strength Development System, each product plays a critical role in a more holistic program model.

And today, after the completion of our latest DVD SPEED, you have the opportunity to purchase the system in its entirety at a reduced price – over 20% off.

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Find Out What The Complete Athletic Strength Development System Will Do for You:

Your Questions Answered
Question 1: Do You Ship Anywhere In the World?

Yes, we ship all over the world.

Question 2: I Am An International Customer, Will All of the DVD’s Play In My DVD Player?

Yes, all of our DVD products are formatted to play in all DVD players.

Question 3: How Long Does It Take For International Orders To Arrive?

Our distribution center has told us that International orders can take upwards of 2-5 weeks for delivery – please be patient! If you have any questions, please email us at info [at] dieselcrew [dot] com.

Question 4: What Products Have Manuals?

For the PRO package, we have upgraded to all physical manuals for the AMPED Warm-up System, the POWER! DVD, the HARD:CORE system, and the SPEED system.