Build Explosive Power and Brutal Strength With This Proven Blueprint For Your Elite MMA Strength Training Program

Smash Your Opponent With Your Relentless Conditioning And Crushing Strength After Incorporating Sandbags, Kettlebells, Plyometrics, Sledgehammer And Other Gladiator Training Methods
Very Simple, Easy-To-Apply Techniques Will Make A Quick Impact And You’ll Never Run Out of Ideas With This Encyclopedia Of Underground Exercises!

This manual features functional exercises categorized by specific movement patterns for the sport of combat fighting. Utilizing kettlebells, strongman protocols, grip strength protocols, sandbags, thick ropes, sleds, stones, kegs and much more—you will build insane strength and elite level conditioning with this old school methodology.

Contains over 450 pages of killer combat exercises and a sample 12 week workout!

Years of research and innovation have gone into the creation of this manual. Well respected in the strength community, the Diesel Crew build upon their extension knowledge of old school training methodology to give you one of the most insane training manuals ever!

If you have not specifically targeted the strength, conditioning and skill strategies required for your sport, you will be defeated. This manual will provide you with the information you need to prepare for battle.

Also, you’ll be missing an essential component of training combat athletes and grapplers if you do not recognize the importance of odd-objects in their training.

“…biggest fight of my life…”

“As a MA student in Sports & Fitness, I am a huge fan of anything related to Strength & Conditioning. Additionally, I have been a huge fan of the website. I immediately reached out to Smitty for help in organizing my workouts for what I knew would be the biggest fight of my life.”

“Come fight time, I felt stronger and fresher than I have for any of my past fights and was able to impose my will on an opponent who was 4 inches taller, and at least 15 lbs heavier come fight time. There are a lot of people who have helped me get to the level of competition that I am at today (the UFC), and Jim Smith is among those people. I will undoubtedly be looking to keep “Smitty” on my staff of coaches as I continue in the sport of mixed martial arts.”

Tom Lawlor
Pro Fighter, UFC


“…veritable encyclopedia of brutal and effective drills…”

“I’ve followed Smitty for some time now and their revolutionary training ideas are (and have been for some time) shaping the future of combat athletics. This ebook is no exception. When I received it, I was amazed at the size of it. It is a veritable encyclopedia of brutal and effective drills to blast your training through the roof. I’m no fan of the term functional as I think it’s over used by the fitness industry – but this book has functional drills that have a real carry over to combat sports. Buy it if you want to reach the next level in your game – if you don’t, the opposition will!!!”

Barry Gibson
Grapplefit Strength Training


“…the programs in this manual you will be stronger, faster, quicker…”

Blunt Force Trauma IS the manual for any serious combat athlete. The depths to which Smitty went to towards writing this manual are astonishing. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that if you follow the programs in this manual you will be stronger, faster, quicker, and in better physical and mental condition than your opponent. While winning fights is a combination of skill, strategy, conditioning and luck all rolled into one, Blunt Force Trauma will certainly not lose any fights for you. I highly recommend that any athlete, coach, whomever-that is interested in the pursuit of strength, get this manual NOW!

Patrick Hackley-Hough
Strength Coach


Expansion Pak 1 – Kettlebell / Strongman Sample Programs
Expansion Pak 2 – The Exercise Bible – By Jason Ferruggia
Expansion Pak 3 – Lunge Specific Exercises
Expansion Pak 4 – Grappling Bodyweight Training
Expansion Pak 5 – Sled Dragging Training
Expansion Pak 6 – Sledgehammer Training
Expansion Pak 7 – Medicine Ball Training
Expansion Pak 8 – Ring Training
Expansion Pak 9 – Grappler Sandbag Circuit
Expansion Pak 10 – Grappler Keg Circuit
Expansion Pak 11 – Power Ropes Circuit
Expansion Pak 12 – Combat Core

It doesn’t matter if you are training grapplers, pro-MMA athletes or any combat or power athlete, BFT is a great manual.

NOTE: Blunt Force Trauma is a digital ebook. No physical products will be shipped. You will get access to the ebook within 24 hours of ordering

Jim Smith