Bridging The Gap Between General Strength Training Means and Sports Performance, Chaos Training Is the Missing Piece In Your Program

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“Chaos Theory” as demonstrated by Edward Lorenz in 1960, suggests that as a small random change is introduced into a system, it causes a ripple effect that can overwhelm and change the long term behavior of the system. Henri Poincare further determined that unless these initial changes could be defined and measured, the outcome or deviation caused by these ripples could never be predicted.

Sport, by nature, is also dictated moment to moment, by randomness and the athlete’s reaction to this randomness. A small change in play, a step too late, a push from the side can all radically change the ongoing sequence of events. The athlete must intuitively react and then make decisions in a split second.

Subsequently, the athlete’s performance is determined by their ability to overcome these unanticipated stimuli and is dependent upon their current level of adaptation acquired from their strength, skill and cognitive training means.

The only constant is that of the effort of the athlete and of the unpredictability of the reactions the athlete will have to make in order to perform and execute.

When we first acknowledge the complexity of sport we can then start the preparation of our athletes for its demands. Our goal is to create adaptations that will have the most potential transfer to their respective sport(s.)

The majority of strength training means by which we build and develop strength and speed have, up to this point, been limited to stationary movement patterns that are linear and predictable in nature. Adding general specific exercises that potentially address the adaptations required to randomly execute full range movements will compliment your current foundational strength training strategies. If we can strengthen the athlete in response to random stimuli we will be able to further bridge the gap between our strength training adaptations and sports performance.

Tom Myslinki’s thesis, The Development of the Russian Conjugate Sequence System, in discussing Verkhoshansky and the “Criterion of SPP” states, “For example, sports played in a non-programmable environment, require explosive reactive-ballistic muscular tension with definite multi-planar movement patterns. Solely installing an Olympic lifting program, or a vertical plyometrics program, improves the vertical component. However, this ignores the other directions of actions and their corresponding muscle development since these sports also contain a large horizontal and lateral component.”

The goal of the Chaos Training Manual is to further address these requirements.


“Chaos Training will help bring your athletes to a higher level of performance on the field”

There are very few books that can have a profound impact upon training and coaching that the Chaos Training Manual does. The Chaos Training manual is the first book that I’ve read in a while that has taught me different coaching cues and methods immediately. Jim Smith’s ingenuity and creativity are worth it alone. There are literally hundreds of different exercises and variations to improve the basic exercises that we already perform everyday.”

“Jim goes into depth about why he uses different methods and how Chaos Training will help bring your athletes to a higher level of performance on the field…because that’s the only place it really matters. The manual is a must read and must have for any serious coach. I’m sure it will be something that I will continue to reference over the years.”

Brijesh Patel, MA, CSCS
Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning
College of the Holy Cross


“…Chaos Training is going to be a reference manual for me for years to come!”

“Chaos Training takes the good things from the weight room, infuses it with author Jim Smith’s creativity, and takes it to the Nth degree. Rather than simply rehashing old material, it bridges the gap from the performance gains you see in the weight room and makes them more readily available within your given sport.”

“At some point in your athletic or coaching career, you’ll see that there’s only so much raw horsepower you can give someone; whether that’s in the form of more speed, strength or power. The next step, the next level, is being able to utilize more of what you’ve got. That’s why Chaos Training is going to be a reference manual for me for years to come.”

Mike Robertson, M.S., C.S.C.S., U.S.A.W.
Robertson Training Systems


“This is THE supplementary training manual.”

“Smitty, you’ve created a resource for coaches, athletes, and guys simply interested in the challenge of improving their strength and performance. The Chaos manual is not manual that you just read and put on the bookshelf. It’s something that the owner will find himself referencing regularly to give his training the optimal progression and variation to maximize performance or to simply review the foundational knowledge that applies to all strength and power-trained athletes. This is THE supplementary training manual.”

Bill Hartman
Physical Therapist and co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training


“…see athletic preparation from a new, innovative perspective…”

“As a professional strength and conditioning coach I’m always on a lookout for information on effective ways to train my athletes and myself. I have met with coach Smitty on a few seminars and I liked a lot of the ideas that he presented. He is also the guy that walks the walk and not just doing the talking. So when he came out with his new “Chaos” manual, as soon as I saw the table of content, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to learn more about his innovative training methods.”

“The “Chaos” manual did not disappoint! I had an opportunity to see athletic preparation from a new, innovative perspective and I was able to learn a great deal of practical information that I could immediately plug in into my training. Most importantly, the whole thing is tied up into a SYSTEM, which makes its implementation easy. Another thing that I liked about the “Chaos” manual is that it makes your creativity soar and you start looking at old exercises from new angles, making them tougher and better adapting them to your individual needs. In short, I would highly recommend the “Chaos” manual to any athlete or coach that is looking to take their game to the next level.”

Greg Mihovich
Performance Enhancement & Combat Arts Specialist


“The Chaos Training Manual should be in every strength coache’s library.”

“The Chaos Training Manual is one of the best text to come out in a long time. The comprehensive nature of the manual makes it a must for new and experienced strength coaches. Implementing the ripper series with our athletes has done wonders in helping our guys to handle and deal with multiple external forces. Their improved performance on the court and on the field is a direct result of Jim’s hard work. The Chaos Training Manual should be in every strength coache’s library.”

Jason Spray MS,CSCS,SCCC
Division I Strength Coach


“I would honestly compare this manual to Supertraining. I go back to it often and Smitty’s information is way ahead of it’s time. Do yourselves a favor and purchase Chaos Training, you will not be dissapointed.”

Matt Pack
Impack Fitness


Item #1: The Main Chaos Manual: This is the main manual in the Chaos system. It lays out the philosophy, strategy, scientific theories and the structure of how to implement chaos into your programs.

The main manual includes:

This is a digital product. The manual, exercise index and bonus interviews are on CD. This is to provide maximum savings and low-cost for you!


Chapter 1

The Evolution of Chuck Norris

The Evolution of Jim Thorpe
The Evolution of Odd Objects

Chapter 2

Planes of Movment
Movement Patterns
Athletic Movement Patterns Grid
Stay Neutral
Forces, Mobility and Rotation
Rotational Movement Progression

Vasily the Champion

Chapter 3

Methods of Strength Training
Classification of MeansClassification of Means Example – Basketball
Classification of Means Example – Boxing
Methods of Training Strength Grid
Volume & Intensity

Prilepin’s Table
Force Velocity Curve
Strength Dominant
Speed Dominant

Chapter 4

Accommodating Resistance
Accommodating Resistance Loading
Speed Strength
Reactive Strength

Chaos Reactive Series
Reactive Strength Progression
Speed Strength Continuum
Strength Speed
Pulling It All Together
The Strength Continuum Graph
Accumulation of Progressive Functionality


Chapter 5

The Protocols
Powerlifting Benefits
Powerlifting Supplemental Exercises
Weightlifting Benefits
Weightlifting Top-Down Training Progression
Weightlifting Supplemental Exercises
Strongman Training

Strongman Benefits
Strongman Common Exercises
Odd Objects
Odd Object Benefitss
Odd Object COG Study
Odd Object Common Exercises
Odd Object Implementss
Odd Object – The Switch
Odd Object – Gametime

Kettlebell Benefits
Kettlebell Common Exercises
Grip Strength
Grip Strength Benefits
Grip Strength Sport Specificity
Grip Strength Case Studies
Grip Strength Common Exercises
Grip Strength Programs

Bodyweight Training
Bodyweight Training Benefits
Bodyweight Training – Common Exercises
Partner Assisted Bodyweight Training
Partner Assisted Bodyweight Training Benefits
Partner Assisted Bodyweight Training – Common Exercises
Manual Resistance Training
Manual Resistance Training Benefits
Manual Resistance Training – Common Exercises


Chapter 6

What is Chaos?
Isolation Becomes Integration
Conventional vs. Non-Convention
The Diesel Method
Movement Under Tension
Extension of the Movement
Extension of the Movement Categories

Extension of the Movement Examples
Instability Training
Ground Based Instability

Chapter 7 – The Chaos Training System

The Chaos Training System
Chaos Benefits
How to Create a Chaos Exercise
Where to Put Chaos Exercises

Chapter 8 – The Considerations

Training Considerations
Unilateral Training
Contralateral Training Effects
Serape Effect
Vibration Training
Muscle Raking
Ground Based Training with Free Weights
Integrated Movement

Train with Odd Objects
Train Explosively
The Shock Principles
Train Grip Strength
The Diesel Method
Train for Balance
Reverse Movements
Chaos Training
Increase Work Capacity

Increase Mental Capacity

Chapter 9

The Kinetic Chain
The Progression Model
Mobility vs. Stability


Chapter 10


The Workouts
Sample Conjugate Program
Sample Undulating Periodization Program
Sample EDT Program


Bonus 1: Strength Continuum Graph
James Smith –

Bonus 2: How to Stabilize the Neck During Heavy Lifts
Jim Smith, CSCS –

Bonus 3: The Secret Breathing Technique
Jim Smith, CSCS –

Bonus 4: The Revolutionary Foam Rolling Technique
Jim Smith, CSCS –

Bonus 5: Core Statics III
Jim Smith, CSCS –

Bonus 6: Youth Strength Training

Bonus 7: Audio Interview – Fat Loss Secrets

Alwyn Cosgrove – – (accompanying CD)

Bonus 8: Audio Interview – How to Get Jacked
Jason Ferruggia – – (accompanying CD)


200 + Pages of Chaos Exercises!

Item #2: The Chaos Audio Interview Series. These two audio interviews bring together two of the most influential strength coaches in the industry today. Alwyn Cosgrove, a renowned fat loss expert, talks about his personal experiences and his dedication to understanding the real research behind losing weight. Jason Ferruggia, the Renegade Coach, has left no stone unturned in this raw interview discussing how to get real strength and build real muscle

This powerful Audio Bonus is worth the investment of this course alone.

I spent 3 years writing the Chaos Manual and a lifetime of research and study to understand the concepts within it. Because of this, I take these same complex concepts and break them down in easy-to-follow diagrams and visual references so you can learn and apply them quickly.

This manual needs no hype, it speaks for itself. I know it will help you in your program.

NOTE: The Chaos Manual and bonuses is a physical product. It will be shipped on data CD’s to your location any where in the world.

Jim Smith