Amazing 2 Disc DVD Set Contains Over 147 Insane Core Training Exercises For Building A Bulletproof Set of Ripped Abs And Serious Strength

This is the final piece of the complete Combat Core system. Demonstrating the exercises from the renowned Combat Core manual (with many additional exercises), this jam packed DVD set will not only show you how to perform these innovative exercises but explain why you are doing them.

This is one of the LARGEST torso training DVD set ever created! With over 140 of the toughest, most insane exercises, the Combat Core DVD’s will show you how to get stronger and more powerful while bulletproofing your abs and lower back from injury. Get ready to destroy your strength goals in the gym and excel on the field, once you start incorporating the exercises into your strength training sessions.



  • Over 140 of the most insane abdominal training exercises that will bulletproof your midsection like never before
  • The compound movements that will create a balance of the anterior and posterior musculature that surround and suppor the torso
  • A plank sequence that will not only test your mental toughness, but leave you ready for battle
  • How to combine plyometrics (explosive extension) with sledgehammer training (explosive flexion) in the same sequence, and why this is important
  • Exercises that will improve your thoracic mobility, which will improve your posture, shoulder health and rotational power potential
  • Exercises that DON’T require special or expensive equipment
  • Innovative and unique ways to utilize the limited equipment you do own
  • How unilateral training provides a transverse bracing effect that will skyrocket your rotational power potential
  • And much, much more….

There are two Combat Core DVD versions. There is a Basic version that contains and demonstrates ALL of the exercises with almost 2 1/2 hours of footage. The Premier version contains all of the exercises AND the complete digital versions of Combat Core AND all of the incredible bonuses right on the DVD disc (access all of them right on your PC or laptop)! Check them out below! Also below you’ll find two downloadable exercise guides for the basic and premier DVD sets. Each exercise guide lists all of the exercises on each DVD. Download them now and see what comes on each DVD!

Combat Core has been purchased by thousands of coaches and athletes around the world. I know it will help you in whatever sport you’re in or help you reach your goals in the weight room.

NOTE: Combat Core DVD set is a physical product. It will be shipped to your location any where in the world.

Jim Smith