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Strength training programs should revolve around and rely on basic exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, heavy rows, box jumps, prowler pushes, etc – to develop a solid foundation. But, incorporating “imperfection training” methods within your accessory exercises is a phenomenal way to help prevent injuries, increase strength and improve an athlete’s power potential! As coaches, we must get out of the rut of prescribing the ‘same old’ linear, accessory lifts (lunges, back extensions, lat pulldowns, leg curls, calf raises, etc.) and start getting creative in order to build FrEaK athletes! Our EXTREME DVD is a major step in helping you think outside the box when you design programs!

Is Your Training Perfect? I Hope Not!

“Imperfection Training” is the foundation of this new innovative strength training DVD. The term “imperfection training” comes from the book, Supertraining by Mel Siff and Yuri Verkhoshansky.

Although Supertraining is highly regarded as one of the most comprehensive training texts ever written; not many coaches have taken action and tried to create any specific “imperfection” exercises! Well, this is about to change forever! As you will see, not only have we developed 130+ “extreme” exercises, but we have put them to the test “behind closed doors” with athletes from across the globe…and the results have been astounding!

                          “…Forever Changed The Way I Program…”

“Holy crap! Smitty and Joe D. have set the precedent with EXTREME. Not only is the DVD packed with innovative exercises that bridge the gap between the gym and competition, but they give you the coaching cues necessary to teach the movements correctly. Everything you learn from the DVD can instantly be applied to your programming. But the best part is; it’s freaking cool! EXTREME has an awesome sound track and some super athletic dudes showing you how to take yourself and your athletes to the next level of badassery! I was so jacked up to train I started trying the exercises out in my living room as I watched. This DVD has forever changed the way I program myself and my athletes. Thanks Smitty and Joe D!”

Todd Bumgardner, M.S., CSCS, NASM-PES
Co-Founder Beyond Strength Performance


             “…Should Be Owned by Every Serious Coach and Trainer…”

“Amped, Power and Extreme are all smokin’ hot and should be owned by every serious Coach and Trainer… I’m just sayin’…”

King Hoover
SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel 161


                       “…This DVD Will Change the Way You Program…”

“Most mornings at 4:30am I’m in a miserable sleep induced haze as I commute to work. Today I wasn’t. Today was different.

Today I started watching EXTREME on my ride in and I was WIRED when I got off the train. Honestly, I could hardly wait to finish training my clients so I could get back to my computer and watch the rest.

With EXTREME Smitty and Joe have blown my mind yet again. These guys are innovators to the core and this product is nothing short of incredible! From content to production this DVD is miles above the level of most products in this industry. And the exercise progressions are straight up SICK!

This DVD will change the way you program your training in a way you didn’t even know existed. Go get it.”

Mark Young


                          “…Extreme is an important DVD…”

“My friends James Smith and Joe Defranco have done it again! Simply put, I’m a huge fan of these guys’ training methods, training equipment, innovation/creativity, and scientific rationale. You won’t find many coaches with more street cred than these guys, but what makes them even greater at what they do is the fact that they’re both students of the iron game. It’s the blend of scientific theory and practical application that creates the ultimate coach, and these guys are oozing both components. I can watch their videos all day long and am “Extreme”ly thankful that they go to such great efforts to put these high-quality DVD’s together for other coaches, trainers and lifters. Extreme emanates testosterone and after you watch the DVD you’ll be glad you went through the experience as the knowledge of the unique movements found within will flat out make you better at what you do.”

“Here’s a quote from Joe DeFranco that really hit home during the video:”

Joe said: “Conventional exercises such as the barbell squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press build the foundation for most athletes’ general physical preparedness in the gym. But it’s with the supplemental exercises where we can get really creative and start bridging the gap from the general adaptations that we built in the gym, to improving an athlete’s potential for performance on the field. And improving an athlete’s performance on the field is really what functional training is all about. This is commonly referred to as specialized physical preparedness, or SPP.”

“In Extreme, Smitty and Defranco share their cues, their creativity, and their passion as they move through upper body, lower body, full body, core, and rehab exercises that involve varying levels of instability for chaos training. Extreme is an important DVD for your training video arsenal.”

Bret Contreras, MA, CSCS


                          “…Your Clients Will Never Be Bored Again…”

“I’ve been a full-time lover of Smitty’s work since I found his prehab/rehab videos on Youtube that I later used to correct my own shoulder issues and injuries over the last few years.

When I got EXTREME! in the mail, I watched it a few times within the next 24 hours and was blown away with each viewing. Now I don’t find myself training or consulting with competitive athletes too often, so at first, I was a bit worried that I might not be able to use the movements in my personal training and consulting.

Boy was I wrong!

The concepts, movements, and explanations are changing the way I program for my clients and there are so many variations to choose from – my people will never get bored and I get the joy of watching them improve and progress using sound training principles.”

JC Deen

Here’s an excerpt from a chapter in Supertraining entitled, Injury Prevention by Imperfection Training

“All-round sports training must include the capability of coping with unexpected and sub-optimal conditioning. This type of preparation needs to be adopted far more extensively in all sports so that the athlete is able to anticipate threatening situations, react much more rapidly to unexpected circumstances, take action to avoid or minimize injury, and cope with sub-optimal conditions by practicing with imperfectly executed movements.” (Supertraining)

A basic example of “imperfection training” would be performing farmers walks with uneven sized kettlebells. The “imperfect” resistance promotes a more powerful core engagement, compared to performing the movement with ‘matching’ kettlebells.

WWE Superstar, Triple H, performs ‘Uneven Kettlebell Zig-Zag Farmers Walks’ at the end of a recent leg workout
at DeFranco’s Gym. He has performed over 75 EXTREME exercises during this past year.

Sport Is Random and Chaotic

Although it is impossible to mimic the exact physical demands of an athlete’s sport while in the weightroom; we can bridge the gap from the weightroom to the athletic field by incorporating “random & chaotic” exercises into our programs. We feel this may be one of the most overlooked components of program design. Our hope is that EXTREME will forever change the way coaches design programs! Training will become more instinctive and reflexive because the athlete will no longer be able to “go through the motions.” They will have to be totally committed to the exercise, at all times.

With EXTREME, accessory exercises are no longer an after-thought; they are the key to enhancing the training effect of your “main lifts.” Not only will these EXTREME exercises improve your weight room performance, but they will also improve your on-field performance while bullet-proofing your body. Simply put, you’ll become a beast!

It’s time to get out of the rut of designing basic, linear programs for your athletes! Sports are played in three dimensions and the physical demands are random and chaotic! Do you want to be average, or do you want to be the BEST?! To be better than your competition, you must be willing to do what they’re not doing!

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Your Questions Answered
Question 1: Do You Ship Anywhere In the World?

Yes, we ship all over the world.

Question 2: I Am An International Customer, Will The EXTREME DVD Play In My DVD Player?

Yes, EXTREME (and all of our DVD products) are formatted for all DVD players.

Question 3: How Long Does It Take For International Orders To Arrive?

The distribution center has told us that International orders can take upwards of 2-4 weeks for delivery – please be patient! If you have any questions, please email us at info [at] dieselcrew [dot] com.

Question 4: How Many Different Exercises Are in Extreme?

There are over 130 exercises in EXTREME that span all areas; upper body, lower body, full body, core training and rehabilitative exercises.

Question 5: Is EXTREME An Actual Program Or A Library Of Supplemental Exercises?

EXTREME is not a “program” that’s meant to replace any other program. But, I also wouldn’t consider it just a “library of exercises” either! The DVD is an encyclopedia of over 130 of the sickest, most innovative exercises you’ve ever seen, along with the science and theory behind each one of them. The DVD is broken up into the following sections: Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body, Core, Rehab, Insane! As stated, the term ‘imperfection training’ comes from the Supertraining text. Although Supertraining is highly regarded as one of the most comprehensive training texts ever written; not many coaches have taken action and tried to create any specific “imperfectly executed” exercises! Smitty and I are about this change this!

Question 6: When and Where Do I Incorporate EXTREME Exercises Into My Program?

EXTREME exercises are supplemental in nature, due to their high level of instability. They should incorporated as part of your warm-up, included after your primary exercises (eg. bench, squat, deadlift variations) or utilized after the main workout to improve on current weaknesses.

Question 7: Would You Start An Athlete Off With EXTREME Exercises Or Should A Certain Base Of Strength Be Achieved First?

EXTREME exercises range from a basic level of difficulty to more advanced movements. You will definitely want to make sure your athletes can do the exercises properly, and for some, this means mastering the basics in the gym. The basics could include being able to perform bodyweight movements and being able to control their body, all the way up to loaded barbell movements with compound exercises such as the squat, deadlift, bench and military press.

Question 8: Where Did EXTREME Exercises Come From?

EXTREME exercises were developed in the trenches at DeFrancos Training and Diesel Strength & Conditioning. Years of training athletes spawned the “special” exercises you see in EXTREME today. We never relied on what was out there already, through trial and error we found that there was a way to further enhance the training of our athletes as they prepared for their respective sports. We felt that if we limited their training to only movements that were spatially fixed or adhered strictly to structured movement patterns, we would be missing key training adaptations and not giving them the best opportunity for success.

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