The Definitive Resource on Speed Training for Team Sport Athletes Has Arrived!

We’ve all heard the expression, “Speed Kills.” This is because most game-changing plays are determined by fractions of a second. Speed has always been the physical attribute that every athlete wants; yet the information regarding how to get it has been unclear…until now! SPEED is about to change the game forever!

Most speed training books and DVD’s focus solely on track athletes. SPEED takes a unique approach and provides specific training information for team sport athletes. This DVD and Manual reveals the exact methods that have been used to produce some of the fastest non-track athletes in the world for the past 15 years!

This Revolutionary SPEED System Reveals:
  • Over 60 tried-and-true speed training drills with detailed explanations and multiple camera angles!
  • Learn about 15 years of recorded data that proved the most effective, time-efficient way to train for speed…guaranteed!
  • Technical considerations for sprinting and proven coaching cues!
  • The role that acceleration and max velocity play in different team sports and how to improve them.
  • Learn how, when and why to train each of the 3 different energy systems and their positive or negative effects on speed.
  • The controversial TRUTH about how to improve agility!
  • Does aerobic training kill your speed training efforts or can it actually be beneficial?
  • Learn how to improve an athlete’s “maximal output” and how it translates to “game speed.”
  • Detailed speed training Warm-ups and Workouts from the training logs of our pro athlete clients!
  • Learn the benefits of incorporating “tempo work” into your programming.
  • Special Strength Training (SST) methods for Speed revealed!
  • Learn how to integrate speed into “Westside for Skinny Bastards” and “High/Low” programs!
  • Step-by-step tutorial on how to teach our legendary 40-yard dash stance and shave one to two-tenths off your 40 time instantly!

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Your Questions Answered
Question 1: Do You Ship Anywhere In the World?

Yes, we ship all over the world.

Question 2: I Am An International Customer, Will All of the DVD’s Play In My DVD Player?

Yes, all of our DVD products are formatted to play in all DVD players.

Question 3: How Long Does It Take For International Orders To Arrive?

Our distribution center has told us that International orders can take upwards of 2-5 weeks for delivery – please be patient! If you have any questions, please email us at info [at] dieselcrew [dot] com.

Question 4: What Products Have Manuals?

For the PRO and ADVANCED packages, we have upgraded to all physical manuals for the AMPED Warm-up System, the POWER! DVD, the HARD:CORE system, and the SPEED system.