Avoid These 10 Critical Speed Training Mistakes

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Discover The TRUTH About How to Create Blazing SPEED

In this Video Presentation, Joe D. shares the truth about how to develop SPEED for TEAM SPORTS.  These common mistakes are often missed in most programs OR used too much.  Joe D. recorded this video and it’s our GIFT to you at NO CHARGE.

  • Overspeed Training — Over-rated or Super Powerful SPEED BUILDER?!
  • Speed vs. “Conditioning” — Match made in Heaven or completely separate entities?
  • Strength Training – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • “All Show, No Go” – The TRUTH about common speed drills that don’t carry over to the athletic field!
  • The most forgotten aspect of Speed – Everyone needs it, yet no one trains it…

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Joe D. and Smitty

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