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“This Saved My Lifting Career!” – New Muscle Building Product



“This saved my lifting career!”

New Muscle Building Product

That is exactly what AJ Roberts sent me in an email last night.  I couldn’t believe it.  AJ and I have been friends for many years and he is a man of few words.  But I know when he speaks, he means it.  This made me feel amazing.  Something I put my heart and soul into was helping so many people.  That is why I wanted to relaunch my best selling muscle building product with even more content.  More stuff to help people feel amazing, get stronger and build muscle fast.  Not only build muscle fast, but do it with quick, efficient workouts.

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You don’t have to spend 7 days a week in the gym and work your ass off for hours.  If you have a structured workout (a very simple template to follow) your workout will fly!

So, let me tell you what AJ was so hyped about.

Introducing AMD 2.0

AMD 2.0 Includes:

AMD 2.0 Quick Start Guide
AMD Essential Exercise Video Index
AMD Primary Exercise List
AMD AER Exercise List
AMD Power CORE Exercise List
AMD 2.0 Main Manual
AMD Essential Recovery (AER) Manual
AMD Power Core (CORE) Manual
AMD Explosive Fat Loss Manual
AMD Deadlift 101 Manual
AMD Upper Body Fat Loss Workout Video
AMD Lower Body Fat Loss Workout Video
AMD Strength Training Video (create artwork, add to sales page)
Deadlift 101 Instructional Video


Want to find out more about AMD 2.0?

Check out this new video series I put together to show you why AMD 2.0 is different.  Just click this link below:

I look forward to showing you everything I put into AMD. Also, there is a special “over the shoulder” look at an actual AMD workout. Watch this first video and then stay tuned!


By on November 30th, 2010


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