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Upgrade Your Back Training for $2

Upgrade Your Back Training

One of the biggest problems with training prone variations for back is the anchoring of the feet. Sometimes you can brace your feet under the bench or sometimes you can stand forward on the bench if you’re doing more full range of motion work – i.e., full thoracic flexion into thoracic extension driving shoulder extension.

But, for most of the prone row variations and prone posterior flye, scarecrow, and long lever shoulder extension variations, the key to truly being able to focus on the working muscle groups, is if you are able to anchor optimally into the ground and drive tension across your entire posterior chain.

Here is a simple solution to help this problem – and it only costs $2.

I simply bought a 2x4x8 (ok, it was $4), and then I cut it to 4’ long. Simply slide the 2×4 under the base of your incline bench and you’ll have a perfect ‘platform’ to do your upper back work. If you have AA2.0 or AA3.0 ( @agelessathletes ) – you know how much I love training back. In fact, we have over 6 different variations of the Diesel Back Attack in the Ageless Athlete system of training.

Try this out on your next back day where you’re doing a lot of prone rowing or posterior fly variations and let me know if you feel a BIG difference!

If you love training and want to train for a lifetime, check out the new Ageless Athlete 3.0 program today!

By on December 22nd, 2020


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  1. Posted by - Ed on October 13, 2021

    Nice idea. A barbell also works

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