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Defranco Insider Workouts
Defranco Exercise IndexDefranco Insider Athlete LogBody Transformations
Defranco Exercise IndexDefranco Insider Athlete LogBody Transformations

DeFranco Insider

The DeFranco Insider is THE single most effective site for your success in and out of the gym! Discover The Behind-the-Scenes Training Secrets That Have Landed Even The Most Novice Athletes On Top While Joining A Community Dedicated To Helping YOU Unlock Your Hidden Strength, Muscle-Building & Performance Potential!


Product Description

A Proven Training Program With Unbelievable Results.

I teamed up with my good friend, Jim “Smitty” Smith, and together we have built something unparalleled. We have spent the last year building the DeFranco Insider based on YOUR feedback.

It has developed into THE home base and the community for anyone looking to get better at every aspect of training and life.

In the DeFranco Insider, you will learn about Strength… Speed… Flexibility… Hypertrophy… Injury prevention… You name it; we’ve researched it and implemented it with athletes, lifters and Average Joe’s from across the globe. Now YOU will have this precious information at your fingertips and be able to use it immediately in the gym.



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