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Not Living the Life of Your Dreams, Stuck in a Rut with Your Training, Or Have A Passion And Want To Build An Online Business?

I got your back and am absolutely committed to helping you change your life and live your passions – in and out of the gym! I know it’s hard. Really freaking hard raising a family, working a job you hate, and dragging your ass into the gym because you’re not making progress like you used to. Trust me, I’ve been there and back. Let’s get on the phone / skype and work through this together.

Phone / Skype consultations are available to talk with Smitty about your business, your training, and your next steps. Training Day 1:1 sessions are also available (on a very limited basis) with Smitty in Elmira, NY.


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Phone/Skype Consultation (60min) - $350In-Person Training Day at Smitty's Gym in Elmira, NY (90min) - $500
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