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CPPS Certification

(7 customer reviews)

The Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS) Certification Overview

The CPPS certification is the gold standard curriculum for strength coaches, personal trainers, athletic performance coaches, physical therapists, fitness enthusiasts, and those who want to change lives through fitness. Over the last 10 years, the CPPS curriculum has been recognized as the best certification in the industry by coaches all over the world and our global network of coaches continues to grow every single year!

The CPPS curriculum is the most practical and hands-on coaching certification in the industry today. It will change your training, give you systems to implement immediately, teach you how to help anyone who comes to you for help, and give you the confidence you’ve always dreamed of. You will immediately become a better coach after completing any of the CPPS courses.

Unlike many other “certifications” (which are merely over-priced seminars) – our coaches do not get certified just by “showing up” and spending a weekend learning our proven training systems. For the level 1 CPPS certification, every coach must be able to prove that they’re able to properly apply what they’ve learned by meeting the course requirements of the CPPS exam and coaching videos.

If you want to change your life and have a business that grows with every single person you help, join us for an upcoming CPPS certification.


7 reviews for CPPS Certification

  1. Jonathon Miller

    Thank you so much! I’ve began listening to the videos and taking notes already and it’s crazy the amount of good information I’ve already received from the certification! I appreciate you guys for putting something like this together for young trainers like me! Jonathon Miller

  2. Ben Anderson

    I owe everything to Smitty, Joe D and the CPPS community.
    Because of the CPPS system, I have the confidence to train anybody. I have The mindset to never stop learning. I now have a successful business and just moved into a new house!

    I have completed the CPPS L2 certification and am apart of their Masters continuing Education program and cannot recommend it enough.

    The CPPS system will install in you the foundation you need to be a Great coach. You’ll always know how to help your clients develop into better athletes so they can get closer to achieving their goals and you will have answers and a path for them when they hit road blocks.

    Your personal workouts will have more substance and purpose with the knowledge you will acquire from Joe & Smitty. You and Your client’s quality of life will literally improve as you learn how to breathe, move and recover properly.

    You will become part of the greatest community of Coaches in the world. In that community, knowledge is shared, opportunities arise and opinions are valued.

    ANYONE will benefit from the CPPS Certification and when I am asked about my qualifications, I literally just say I’m a CPPS Coach. It’s that damn good.

  3. Kev Dea

    Attending the CPPS cert changed how I thought about training and business. It provided me new tools in the gym as well as a network of coaches and gym owners outside the gym which I regularly rely on for business advice. This cert is for anyone looking to braiding their training arsenal, think outside the box, and deliver the best service they can to their customers. CPPS provided me with a whole new outlook on how I can be the best coach possible. I put all of my coaches through the CPPS and I recommend the CPPS to all of my friends who are trainers or strength and conditioning coaches.

  4. Jeremiah Rowe

    I can’t recommend the CPPS certification enough. It puts to shame every other certification or seminar that I’ve gone through. The amount of information packed into the weekend was astounding, and the environment created by the coaches make everything enjoyable to learn. I met a ton of awesome coaches and created an incredible network as a result of attending it. If you’re on the fence, get off of it and get into the CPPS family.

  5. Connor Ryan

    The CPPS Certification helped me convert Knowledge to Application. With the consistent application of the principles taught in this program, we have built a community centered around strength and conditioning. Helping each other find freedom through movement is an outstanding opportunity. Joe D and Smitty are extremely helpful and approachable. I reccomend this CPPS program to anyone looking to help others with effective training. Also, no CEU’S, membership, contracts, etc. A simple offering at a fair, one time price.

  6. Miloš Petrović

    Passion,knowledge and experience that this certification bring is unmatch to any other at least in my country. You can apply everything you have learned immediately. Thanks for good will.

  7. Brad Laska

    I have just completed Level 1 CPPS certification. I have certifications from other organizations but the CPPS is hands down the most comprehensive. You definitely will be able to use your new knowledge with ANY level client to give them the edge on their competition.

    Brad L- Training Hidden Potential, LLC

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