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This program will pack on muscle, increase your strength and keep you motivated! The “choose your own adventure” programming model allows you to plug in your favorite exercises and customize each workout to your liking – while staying true to the proven SB911 system.
Program type = Strength, Hypertrophy, Power
Program Duration = 11 weeks (repeatable)
Training Split = 4X/week (Upper/Lower split)
Special Equipment Needed? None. This workout can be done at any “standard” gym that’s equipped with basic barbells and dumbbells.


The SB911 program is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ 11-week program that combines conjugate and linear periodization, along with, a high-intensity powerbuilding protocol, SB911 will help you transform your mind and body faster than you have ever experienced.

Breaking the mold of the world-famous original Westside for Skinny Bastards program, SB911 introduces 4 cutting-edge mini-cycles and a proven 4-day upper / lower split that will push you to your absolute limits and help you get the incredible RESULTS you’ve always wanted!

And, here is the best part, because of the dynamic ‘plug-and play’ programming model, it will feel like a different program every time you do it!


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