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Seeking Happiness Outside of Yourself

Many of you don’t know but each week in the Diesel newsletter – I give a life lesson. I thought I would start sharing them more with everyone who is not on the newsletter. I hope this message finds you well.

Now, for this week’s lesson.

It is about understanding where your peace and happiness is…

Or, simply… Where can you find it?

Let’s start with a short story.

A fellow went to a Zen master and said,

“If I work very hard, how soon can I be enlightened?”

The Zen master looked him up and down and said, “Ten years.”

The fellow said,

“No, listen, I mean if I really work at it, how long?”

The Zen master cut him off.

“I’m sorry. I misjudged. Twenty years.”

Wait!” Said the young man,

“You don’t understand! I’m…”

“Thirty years,” said the Zen master.


You see…

When you seek your happiness and peace OUTSIDE of yourself, your journey will be long and fruitless.

Because what you seek, you already have!

When I first heard of this concept from Alan Watts, it blew me away.

I mean I actually stopped everything I was doing and sat there astounded at what he had just said.

Want to know what he said?

Why don’t you know what you want? Because you already have it!” What he was saying is, what you seek, you already have.

At any moment. It is yours.

The peace and happiness that has alluded you for so long, you already have.

Happiness comes from within and it is manifests through your appreciation and gratitude for what is good in your life.

And once you see things more clearly, the bad things are there to teach us as well.

The lesson is…

To always try to live in gratitude!


By on January 17th, 2020


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