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    Seeking Happiness Outside of Yourself Many of you don’t know but each week in the Diesel newsletter – I give a life lesson. I thought I would start sharing them...

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    20 Critical Life Lessons

    Here are some important life lessons that I’ve had to learn the hard way. As Ram Dass said, “we are all just walking each other home.” And if these life...

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    The Fight

    I was told by someone the other day that, “I struggle every day with self-doubt and can’t get anything done. You’re crushing it. I want to be like you.” I...

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  • Get To Work with Dieselsc

    Get to Work

    I logged into Facebook yesterday and was tagged in a post from a young coach – who is also a new Father. He was praising a few people who have...

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  • Bring your mind into the NOW

    You Don’t Have A Shot

    You hear it all of the time. “You’ve only got one shot!” And if you miss this one shot, your life is over and the hopes and dreams you’ve always...

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  • Stop Being A Victim

    Stop Being a Victim

    Every single day we’re overloaded with massive amounts of information, including posts, articles, “Likes”, “Shares”, or videos about every thing you can imagine. So it is very rare that you...

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