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Proud Dad. Ambassador of Kindness. Champion Hugger. Aspiring Daoist. Strength Coach. Entrepreneur. Author.

Posts by Smitty

  • How to Build Muscle

    How to Build Muscle In this definitive resource guide on how to build muscle, I discuss the most important strength training factors that determine if a workout has an optimal muscle building effect. When developing a workout or program with the goal of building muscle,...

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  • Joint-Friendly Shoulder Training – Constant Tension Front Raises

    I came up with this little training variation today for dumbbell front raises. I noticed there was some momentum when we used the dumbbells and some of the repetitions were done without pulling both dumbbells up to the same height. I looked around the gym...

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  • Upgrade Your Back Training for $2

    Upgrade Your Back Training One of the biggest problems with training prone variations for back is the anchoring of the feet. Sometimes you can brace your feet under the bench or sometimes you can stand forward on the bench if you’re doing more full range...

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  • Pain Free Shoulder Workout

    When training shoulders, there are a few strategies you can use to have a pain free workout. Lighter weights with cleaner form, tempo modifications, neutral grip, and even adding accommodating resistance. In this workout, I used all of these to piece together a solid training...

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  • Best Dumbbell Back Exercises

    In the following dumbbell training workout guide, we demonstrate the most effective dumbbell exercises for back to help you build muscle and get stronger. These exercises form the foundation of any good workout program and will give you a great starting point for your training....

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  • Benefits of Training with a Trap Bar

    Original article written for Muscle & Fitness Benefits of the Trap Bar Deadlift If the exercises you train with are like tools for your health, then the deadlift is a move that should be in every man’s symbolic toolbox. It strengthens almost every major muscle...

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