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Proud Dad. Ambassador of Kindness. Champion Hugger. Aspiring Daoist. Strength Coach. Entrepreneur. Author.

Posts by Smitty

  • Mechanical Advantage Dropset – Tricep MASS with Cable Stack

    In this tough variation, I show how to quickly transition between loaded, unloaded, and assisted dips as fatigue sets in. This is a great way to build massive metabolic stress (and muscle mass) and keep the reps going as you start to get deep into...

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  • The Jeske Rotation Drill

    The following drill is a variation of the deep breathing quadruped rocking lat stretch drill performed with a dowel rod on a flat bench. You’ll see in the first phase of the video, I use a kettlebell instead of a dowel rod. Phase 1: Kneeling...

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  • Teaching and Strengthening the Hinge with Band-Resistance

    For today’s lower body supplemental exercise variation, I demonstrate a band-resisted loaded pull through. It is very similar to a deadlift, hinge, and RDL’s pattern with one small exception, the goal is to try and place the weights behind your heels without losing a neutral...

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  • DB Floor Press with Loaded Shoulder Flexion

    For this 1-2 combo, you really want to focus on good technique, a full range of motion, and a deliberate tempo. The floor press is done on the Thompson Fat Pad to allow for a little more lower body tension and greater ROM at the...

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  • Fix Your Squat with RNT

    For tonight’s workout, we worked up heavy on squats and during the first several sets, I used band-resistance (RNT) to help reinforce and teach sitting back on the box and loading the hips. In the video, I show a two band setup, but one band...

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  • 2 Brutal Shoulder Finishers

    Here are two brutal shoulder finishers from a couple of workouts from this past week. They are both supplemental, so the volume will be higher. I love incorporating giant sets for our muscle-building-workout-bodybuilding-gain-muscle because they are so effective at creating change fast! A heavier upper...

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