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Proud Dad. Ambassador of Kindness. Champion Hugger. Aspiring Daoist. Strength Coach. Entrepreneur. Author.

Posts by Smitty

  • Ageless Athlete – Pre-Sale

    Welcome to the Ageless Athlete January 2019 pre-sale! The Ageless Athlete protocol is the best pain-free joint-friendly program in the industry because it focuses on training longevity, greater strength, more muscle mass, and greater movement quality! In other words, this program will improve your life...

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  • The Fight

    I was told by someone the other day that, “I struggle every day with self-doubt and can’t get anything done. You’re crushing it. I want to be like you.” I thought about this for a while and what first came to mind was what Watts...

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  • The Best Exercises You’re Not Doing for Shoulders – Cross Cable Flyes with “Y” Press

    One of the best shoulder exercises you’re not doing for your shoulders is cross cable posterior flyes. And, when you combine the posterior flyes variation with a cross cable “Y” press, you’ll feel your delts lighting up like you haven’t felt in a long time!...

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  • Restore Your Breathing and Improve Your Conditioning – Part 2

    Restoring your breathing and improving your conditioning takes time. The deep diaphragmatic breathing you did as an infant has been replaced with panic chest breathing, hyperventilating, and chronic tension from the stresses of your everyday life. But, YOU have control and you can take it...

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  • Restore Your Breathing and Improve Your Conditioning

    After getting winded walking up a steep hill in my town, I knew it was time to get serious about my conditioning and work capacity. And, since I just returned from the Art of Breath (AoB) seminar with Brian MacKenzie and Rob Wilson, I knew...

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  • Constant Tension Raises – The Best Shoulder Exercise You’re Not Doing

    Here is a shoulder exercise you SHOULD be doing in your workouts that will take your training to another level. I present constant tension front raises. This is a tough front raise variation that I dusted off and brought back into my programming recently. If...

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