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Proud Dad. Ambassador of Kindness. Champion Hugger. Aspiring Daoist. Strength Coach. Entrepreneur. Author.

Posts by Smitty

  • Mastering the Hip Hinge

    I’ve written many articles over the years about mastering the fundamental movement pattern – hinge (with neutral posture) – and I’ve found there are endless reasons new clients and athletes can’t seem to load into a hinging pattern correctly. So, in the following article, I...

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  • Leg Mass Without Barbells

    Here is the belt squat setup we’ve used over the years in order to deload the spine and traction the hips. It gives your athletes a break from barbell squat variations and still allows them to get stronger. Important Setup Instructions First thing you want...

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  • Brutal Leg Training with Stealth Lunges

    In the video you’ll see the final two pieces to a 3 exercise circuit blasting the hamstrings and quads – in order to get stronger and build more muscle mass. When training athletes, the end goal is performance and with other clients, they simply want...

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  • Effective Hamstring Training for REAL Results

    Working through a lower body workout yesterday and the supplemental work included glute ham raises (GHR). As I’ve said many times when talking about programming volume for the lower body, your posterior chain work should include strength targeting the hamstring at the knee (GHR, sliding...

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  • Push Pull Combo for More Muscle Mass

    A great way to build muscle mass and get a lot done in a short amount of time is incorporating supersets and giant sets into your programming. In the video below, you’ll see a highly effective push pull combo that builds your overall pressing strength...

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  • Joint-Friendly Bodybuilding with Chains

    One of the biggest misconceptions and myths about using heavy chains in training is that they are only reserved for powerlifting. While it is true that using chains and bands for accommodating resistance has many benefits (see the Strength System, Special Strength, and the Chaos...

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