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Stop Being a Victim


Every single day we’re overloaded with massive amounts of information, including posts, articles, “Likes”, “Shares”, or videos about every thing you can imagine. So it is very rare that you come across a video that makes you stop and pause for a moment.

This is the story of Ben Jackson.

A young man strengthened by his daily struggle with spastic cerebral palsy.

“I think in life people wait for challenges to come to them. But, when you’re born with challenges, you learn to overcome them from day one.” – Ben Jackson

In the beginning, Ben lacked confidence and it wasn’t until he found wrestling, that he began to forge a quiet strength and purpose.

Every loss strengthened his determination and the long-awaited first win, gave him hope.

“What makes me different is what’s inside my heart.” – Ben Jackson

What people say about Ben:

  • Ben never gave up
  • Ben never quit
  • Ben was so persistent
  • Ben always kept going
  • Ben worked hard
  • Ben always tried to be the best

When Ben went to college, they didn’t have a wrestling program so he found a new challenge to keep the fire in his heart – powerlifting.

Ben taught me that being driven toward a purpose and leading with your heart can overcome any obstacle.

“Although you have something holding you back in life, although you have a burden that may be pulling you down, it is never an option to ever quit.” – Ben Jackson

Watch Ben’s story below.

By on February 10th, 2015


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