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3 Stretches to Make Your Shoulders Feel Amazing


Here are 3 stretches to make your shoulders feel amazing. I use these stretches throughout every workout and do them as often as I can. It is important to understand the effect of strength training on the soft-tissues of our body and build recovery strategies into your balanced program to overcome the restrictions and “tightness” that comes from a heavy training session.

Continuous application of range of motion and movement techniques will provide great benefits over time. Better movement doesn’t happen overnight and must be applied as consistently as you train. Get it in when you can and in between sets is the perfect time to progressively work toward better positions, better range of motion (ROM), and better potential for heavier strength training.

Maintaining better movement and movement quality is an ongoing battle that must become a priority for you, especially if your goal is a lifetime of fitness.

INTRASET Shoulder, Pec, and Lat Stretches
1) Thoracic Extension with Lat / Pec Stretch
2) Shoulder Extension with Squat
3) Brachial Hang

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By on June 22nd, 2017


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