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3 Weird Exercises to Build a BIG Deadlift

3 Weird Exercises to Get a BIG Deadlift

Training hip extension is critical for not only strength training but also athletic performance when the discussion moves to deceleration, acceleration, landing, jumping, and agility.

The problem arises, at least for most lifters, when they begin trying to strengthening this pattern but they have tight hips, poor core control, and they introduce dangerous exercises too quickly into their initial programs. For example, high bar good mornings, which has the longest lever, have a great potential to wreck a lifter’s lower back because the quality of each repetition MUST be so precise – with breathing/bracing, position, and sitting back into the hinge – that even the slightest variation will put their low back at risk for potential injury.

Here are 3 spine-friendly good morning variations that should be utilized first in their program to not only introduce and initially strengthen the pattern, teach them to ‘sit back’ into the hinge (load posteriorly), and finally, give them the opportunity to be safe as they continuously work on any restrictions that prevent them from keeping good position and maintaining tension throughout the repetition.

1. High Belt Belt Squat Good Mornings
2. Plate Good Mornings (sometimes called Waiter’s Bows)
3. SSB Good Mornings with Chains (less weight when leverage is poor)

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By on January 2nd, 2020


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