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Ageless Athlete – Pre-Sale

Welcome to the Ageless Athlete January 2019 pre-sale! The Ageless Athlete protocol is the best pain-free joint-friendly program in the industry because it focuses on training longevity, greater strength, more muscle mass, and greater movement quality! In other words, this program will improve your life and help you get the most out of your training – even if you’ve been beat up from years of playing sports or you’ve been grinding away in the gym for a long time.

With over 30+ years in the gym and over 20 years as a strength coach, I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been working with athletes at all levels for many years and have been trying to help them recover and train better – despite years of poor training, poor programming, and poor movement strategies! This is the essence of the Ageless Athlete protocol. Finding a way to take all of the science and blend it with years of in-the-trenches experience to create an amazing program that actually works. It is THE training model I’ve been perfecting over the last 20 years.

Why is Ageless Athlete Different?

As with all programs, Ageless Athlete is built on a foundation of progression, but with a twist. Yes, you will be pushing the weights and seeking greater strength levels by trying to hit your personal records (PR’s) on the big lifts, but that is only one component of each workout. The other phase of each workout is using greater time under tension and higher tension protocols in order to increase muscle mass and get stronger – all while utilizing sub-maximal weights. The overall focus of the program is to never sacrifice movement quality or technique, just to add more weight to the bar. The Ageless Athlete program still uses maximal efforts (or near maximal efforts) training, but compound lifts with maximal weights are used sparingly and with minimal volume.

Ageless Athlete Overview

Ageless Athlete is a 12-week progressive training protocol. The progression in the program is not only increasing the weights used, but also the training volume, the time under tension, and the accumulation of higher levels of tension as a pre-fatigue complement for the main lifts. Using this protocol, along with a “reverse workout order’ for specific workouts in the training week, will allow you to continue to build muscle mass without the need of using maximal effort loads. The workouts are a perfect powerbuilding (powerlifting + bodybuilding) blend of heavier loads and low reps and higher volume with subm-maximal weights. The goal of each and every workout is to focus on the basics of movement, improving a lifter’s optimal position when under load, and ensure that full ranges of motion are used when appropriate (there are times when it is NOT!) – for each and every lift.

Protocols used:
– Simple assessments
– Individualized intraworkout resets
– High volume training
– High tension training
– Powerbuilding protocols
– Upper, lower, full body warm-ups
– Isometrics and slow eccentric training

The Ageless Athlete January Pre-Sale

Right now, I’m offering the Ageless Athlete program for $67 (Regular Price: $97) or a
30% off discount
during this one-month to release pre-sale. This is a once-in-a lifetime discount to get the workout program that will literally change your training forever. You have never used a program like Ageless Athlete before and I can’t wait for you to see how sophisticated and revolutionary, yet simple, the Ageless Athlete workout protocol can make your training.

Reserve your copy today and the program will be delivered into your inbox on January 7th!


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