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Band-Resisted Behind Neck Press


During the last four week s phase of our new BASIC BUT BRUTAL (B3) program, for the posterior aspect of the shoulder, we’ve been using behind the neck band-resisted press. I love this variation because it accomplishes many different goals at once.

1. Smashes the posterior delts,
2️. Dynamically stretches the pecs, shoulders and lats,
3. It is like a face pull variation with an added twist. It has a greater range of motion, more time under tension for each rep and thus the entire set, and it insanely targets external rotators of the shoulder,
4. And, it improves posture.

After a heavy pressing session or after a long week of training, the shoulders, lats, and pecs get very tight. This means, over time, posture and range of motion can be negatively impacted and thus the mechanics at the shoulder will begin to compensate. We lose range of motion, optimal primary and secondary muscular function, and injuries and ‘dings’ will begin to accumulate..

When you’re looking at your training from a high level, you must make sure that you are not creating issues with the exact program you are on that is supposed to make you better. So the goal is, training heavy (with lower reps), training moderate (with higher reps), choose fixed movement patterns, choose dynamic free flowing movement patterns, and ensure that the exercises you choose maintain, expand, and develop full ranges of motion!

By on April 29th, 2020


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