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Becoming Ronin Podcast – #1 – Origins of Becoming Ronin

In Becoming Ronin’s very first episode, Smitty and OB deep dive into the origins of “Becoming Ronin.” We discuss Smitty’s recent sweat lodge experience and how the ceremony and prayer can be a ‘reset’ in your life. Smitty talks about what it took to leave his corporate job and go all-in on fitness. Finally, learn the importance of a complete training system if you want results for clients and how the world-renowned CPPS certification has changed over the years.


[00:00] – INTRO

[2:00] – What is the origin of “Becoming Ronin?”

[10:30] – Raising children and self-love

[13:30] – Parallels of parenting to business

[18:40] – Smitty’s recent sweat lodge experience

[29:07] – Evolution of the mind

[34:03] – Dynamics between happiness and success

[44:45] – Recognizing your patterns in order to change them

[48:05] – Madness in excellence

[55:10] – How the CPPS certification changes lives


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Smitty & OB

Comment (1)

  1. Posted by - Brad Laska on January 12, 2022

    Well said guys. Smitty, hard to believe you wrestled at 98 lbs.! Nice to hear you talk about life and what really matters. Thanks for being real!!

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