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Becoming Ronin Podcast – #18 – Weightroom Culture, Programming Mindset with D1 Strength Coach, Joe Gilfedder

In today’s episode, we are honored and excited to be joined by Director of Strength and Conditioning at Fordham University, Joe Gilfedder. Joe Gilfedder is one of the most well read S&C coaches in the industry and has an amazing depth of knowledge on every facet of human performance. Today, be sure to grab a notepad and pen, because Coach Gilfedder lays down some serious knowledge with programming considerations, as well as, how to be a life long learner.


[0:00] Intro

[3:23] Rapid Fire Questions

[9:14] Biggest Training Influence

[14:15] Sticking to Continuing Education

[19:10] Getting the Most Out of Your Reading Practice

[21:20] A Day in the Life of A D1 Strength Coach

[26:30] Create Buy In With Your Programming

[30:30] Creating the Right Culture in Your Weightroom

[35:05] The Foundation of All Good Group Programming

[38:00] The Key to Healthy Athletes 

[42:00] Why Being Coached Makes You A Better Coach

[44:10] Do Olympic Lifts Have a Place in the Weightroom

[48:07] Not Copying Your Mentors

[53:45] Commit to Being a Life Long Learner

Summer of 2022 – Summer Challenge #4

1. Put on a weight vest (Smitty wore a 30 lb. vest)
2. If you can’t finish a push-up set in one effort, and you have to break it up into smaller sets, you can only stop on increments of 5 or 10 reps. This means you can’t stop on 12 reps, you can only stop on 10 or 15 reps.
3. Start at the back of the end zone and advance forward to each 10-yard mark. This means if you start on the back of the end zone, the next mark will be the actual goal line, and then the 10-yard line, finishing at the back of the end zone on the opposite end of the field.
Round 1: Back of end zone, 5 push-ups
Round 2: End zone, 10 push-ups
Round 3: 10-yard line, 15 push-ups
Round 4: 20-yard line, 20 push-ups
Round 5: 30-yard line, 25 push-ups
Round 6: 40-yard line, 30 push-ups
Round 7: 50-yard line, 35 push-ups
Round 8: 40-yard line, 40 push-ups
Round 9: 30-yard line, 45 push-ups
Round 10: 20-yard line, 50 push-ups
Round 11: 10-yard line, 55 push-ups
Round 12: Opposite end zone, 60 push-ups
Round 13: Opposite back of end zone, 65 push-ups
Round 14: Lunge back to start.

GOAL: Record fastest time.


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Smitty & OB

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