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Becoming Ronin Podcast – #25 – The Story of Eli, Man Maker vs. Widow Maker, Training for ROM

In today’s episode Smitty and OB give a couple of important updates, then dive straight into three listener questions:

Question 1. The first question sparks some hilarious stories about a legendary monster that Smitty and OB used to train with – along with some sessions that didn’t end well.
Question 2: This rolls right into the guys finally unveiling two iconic challenges known as the Man Maker and Widow Maker.
Question 3: They finish with a hotly debated topic, which is; should you always train for FULL ROM?


[0:00] News

[5:00] Intro

[8:00] SWIS is coming to the US (CPPS One-Day Practical)

[14:00] Smitty and OB’s favorite training memories

[18:17] The Story of Eli

[28:33] Strongman Saturdays 

[33:30] Back in the Smitty’s Garage Days

[38:10] The Infamous Man Maker and Widow Maker Challenges

[50:00] Is training to FULL ROM always best?


Pre-SWIS | CPPS One-Day Practical


OB’s Old School Deadlifts

Tony Gentilcore Doing the Diesel Man Maker

The Diesel Widow Maker (Ignore the title of video)


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Smitty & OB

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