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Brutal Back Superset


Last night’s workout was tough, to say the least.

I took a protocol out of Diesel MASS and used it in our back workout.

Science doesn’t know the exact perfect time under tension needed to build muscle, but experience tells me extended sets are the key – especially for experienced lifters using moderate weights – for building muscle fast.

This is the exact reason I created Diesel MASS and why so many lifters and coaches have had success building muscle on the program – without beating up their joints.

This brutal back superset is simple and highly effective.

You are going to use the same bar, same exercise, and stay in the fire until every single rep is done.

Brutal Back Superset
1A) Lat Pull Down Iso-Hold, 10-20 sec hold (hold the bar below your chin)
1B) Lat Pull Downs, 10 reps (reps are slow and deliberate)
1C) Lat Pull Downs (Slow-Eccentrics), 5 reps (pull the bar down hard, and raise slowly for 3-5 sec)

For my last set, which floored me, I used 140lbs on the cable stack, so it went like this:

Brutal Back Superset
1A) Lat Pull Down Iso-Hold, holding 140lbs below chin for 10-20 sec hold
1B) Lat Pull Downs, 140lbs x 10 reps
1C) Lat Pull Downs (Slow-Eccentrics), 140lbs x 5 reps (3-5 sec eccentric)

We repeated this sequence 4 times and we were donzo. (RIP Back)

In between each set, stretch your lats and get a drink.

The key is, quality reps and giving everything you have for each set. It is critical that you have good training partners too to keep your count for the holds and walk you through your reps.

If you love this type of super intense training and getting results, you need to check out Diesel MASS. It is, by far, the most effective program I’ve ever written for building muscle and completely transforming your body.



By on May 27th, 2015


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