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How to Build Big Traps – Trap Attack to Get Yoked


Here is a killer trap routine we did in a recent workout to build your traps and get yoked. To maximize your time in the gym, it is important to incorporate more circuits, dropsets, and giant sets into your routines – to facilitate greater results and increase the efficiency of your workouts – especially if your goal is fat loss and muscle building.

It is no secret I train back every single workout. It really is the key to bigger barbell lifts, better shoulder health, greater overall strength, and just looking better.

In this circuit, we show some pretty innovative techniques – multi-angle training of the upper back and traps, a focus on the posterior aspect of the shoulder and mid-back, and exercises performed in an unconventional way – to strengthen and grow the traps.

Trap Attack to Get Yoked
1A) Trap Bar Shrugs, 3-4 sets x 10-20 reps
1B) 45 Degree Dumbbell Shrugs, 3-4 sets x 10-20 reps
1C) 45 Degree “Y” Flyes, 3-4 sets x 10-20 reps

There are many ways we modify this circuit to make it harder – increase the weight and drop the reps, increase the reps and drop the weight, or even slowing down the last 10 reps of each set for each exercise. Any way you want to do it, it will bust you up.

Try out this killer routine and let me know how it goes!

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By on July 19th, 2017


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