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Deceleration Training for Athletes – Complex Training with Unilateral Emphasis


Deceleration Training for Athletes

Complex Training with Unilateral Emphasis

Here is a unique complex training variation that I like to use with my athletes.  Complex training is an efficient way to develop multiple neuromuscular, biomechanical and physiological qualities for your athletes.  They are easy to modify and can be used for groups because the exercise pairing allows for more work to be quickly and multiple athletes can be working at the same time.

If you break down both of the exercises in this complex, you’ll notice many benefits.

Chain Squats


  • – Instability
  • – Accommodating Resistance
  • – Safety Squat bar easier on shoulders, elbows and upper back
  • – Box squatting, hitting same depth every time, gives a target to shoot for, breaks eccentric | concentric chain

Clubbell Swings into Backward Lunges from Deficit


  • – Dynamic loading of hips, hamstrings and glutes
  • – Promoting deceleration mechanics, proficiency (typically associated only with forward lunges)
  • – Isometric integrity of “core”, power transfer
  • – Knee stability
  • – Balance
  • – Strength mobility of hips greater than regular lunges


Complex volume that I’ve used successfully.

Complex = strength movements => power | dynamic | unilateral or sport specific movement

Strength Movement = 1-8 reps

Secondary Movement = 8-12 reps

Volume =4-6 sets

SPECIAL NOTE: Don’t have a safety squat bar, use a regular barbell. Don’t have clubbells, use dumbbells. No problem

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