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Diesel Method – Single-Leg Athletic Primer

Quick Intro from Smitty:

I have been refining different aspects and foundational components of the Diesel Method (TM) since 1998. In the following article, CPPS coach Ben Anderson, shows you how he applies the I3 component of the Diesel Method. The I3 component sequences isometric contractions, integrative movements, and an expression of strength or explosive movement via a sprint, jump, throw, or SPP skill. (see my thesis, Special Strength)

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Author | Ben Anderson | IG: @BreakthroughSC

Try this Single-Leg Athletic Primer on your next lower body day!

Playing off of the Diesel Method, I am using the following combination of exercises: isometric / isolation / CNS activation exercises in a sequence.

1A) Split Squat Iso-Hold (Knee Just Above the ground) x 10 sec.
1B) Single-leg RDL x 5 reps
1C) Single-leg Broad Jump w/ deceleration pose x 1 rep

If using this as a primer before you Deadlift or Squat, only perform 2 sets. If this circuit is used as an accessory after a main lift or as a finisher, perform 3-4 sets.

By on February 13th, 2020


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