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Your Questions Answered

Question 1: Do You Ship Anywhere In the World?

Yes, we ship all over the world.

Question 2: I Am An International Customer, Will The EXTREME DVD Play In My DVD Player?

Yes, EXTREME (and all of our DVD products) are formatted for all DVD players.

Question 3: How Long Does It Take For International Orders To Arrive?

The distribution center has told us that International orders can take upwards of 2-4 weeks for delivery – please be patient! If you have any questions, please email us at info [at] dieselcrew [dot] com.

Question 4: How Many Different Exercises Are in Extreme?

There are over 130 exercises in EXTREME that span all areas; upper body, lower body, full body, core training and rehabilitative exercises.

Question 5: Is EXTREME An Actual Program Or A Library Of Supplemental Exercises?

EXTREME is not a “program” that’s meant to replace any other program. But, I also wouldn’t consider it just a “library of exercises” either! The DVD is an encyclopedia of over 130 of the sickest, most innovative exercises you’ve ever seen, along with the science and theory behind each one of them. The DVD is broken up into the following sections: Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body, Core, Rehab, Insane! As stated, the term ‘imperfection training’ comes from the Supertraining text. Although Supertraining is highly regarded as one of the most comprehensive training texts ever written; not many coaches have taken action and tried to create any specific “imperfectly executed” exercises! Smitty and I are about this change this!

Question 6: When and Where Do I Incorporate EXTREME Exercises Into My Program?

EXTREME exercises are supplemental in nature, due to their high level of instability. They should incorporated as part of your warm-up, included after your primary exercises (eg. bench, squat, deadlift variations) or utilized after the main workout to improve on current weaknesses.

Question 7: Would You Start An Athlete Off With EXTREME Exercises Or Should A Certain Base Of Strength Be Achieved First?

EXTREME exercises range from a basic level of difficulty to more advanced movements. You will definitely want to make sure your athletes can do the exercises properly, and for some, this means mastering the basics in the gym. The basics could include being able to perform bodyweight movements and being able to control their body, all the way up to loaded barbell movements with compound exercises such as the squat, deadlift, bench and military press.

Question 8: Where Did EXTREME Exercises Come From?

EXTREME exercises were developed in the trenches at DeFrancos Training and Diesel Strength & Conditioning. Years of training athletes spawned the “special” exercises you see in EXTREME today. We never relied on what was out there already, through trial and error we found that there was a way to further enhance the training of our athletes as they prepared for their respective sports. We felt that if we limited their training to only movements that were spatially fixed or adhered strictly to structured movement patterns, we would be missing key training adaptations and not giving them the best opportunity for success.

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