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Extreme DVD Release



The EXTREME DVD is ready, go check it out!  Some of the sickest training you have ever seen.  Joe DeFranco and I have spent our careers putting these exercises to the test and now it is time to unleash it on the fitness community.  You’ll also notice that one of Joe D.’s celebrity clients (a bad-ass mofo) has been using the exercises in the EXTREME DVD for the last year with AMAZING RESULTS.  In fact, he says that he has never felt better and more athletic.

As a special bonus, Joe D. and I are offering a FREE live webinar to answer all your questions about training, your programs and building your brand to the first 100 customers. And if EXTREME is anything like the POWER! DVD release, you better act quickly.

Click HERE to check out the new EXTREME DVD


By on December 21st, 2011


  • Discover Pain Free, Joint-Friendly Training
  • Get Super Effective Workouts and Programs
  • Inspirational Life Lessons Each Week
  • Effective Habits For Busy Entrepreneurs

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Comments (2)

  1. Posted by - David Claiborne on December 21, 2011

    Can’t wait to check it out.

    I’ve used so much of Joe’s stuff that I learned just from the few times I’ve been up there, that I can’t wait to start implementing this as well.

    I hope my athletes are ready to get “”extreme” results!!

  2. Posted by - Mark C on December 21, 2011

    Does this ship priority mail? Shipping price is a bit much but will pick this up in the near future. Looks great.

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