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Greatest Pec Stretch EVER!

Greatest Pec Stretch Ever!

I’ve been experimenting with this new pec stretch, and since it feels so amazing, I had to post it! This has really opened up my chest and I can immediately feel the difference when I begin an upper body workout. My movements are smoother and cleaner and I feel less restricted.

How to Perform the Pec / Shoulder Stretch

Here is how to perform the drill. Setup in quadruped (on your hands and knees) and place both hands – sometimes placing the foam roller on the crease of your wrist feels better – on top of two foam rollers. You will slide back into a (hip) hinge and load into a straight arm shoulder / pec stretch with your arms out at about 30-40 degrees from your midline. Then, you simply perform a pressing movement where you actively pull your elbows and WRISTS TOWARD THE CEILING while simultaneously driving your CHEST TOWARD THE FLOOR. This simple movement with this cueing is a game changer for how deep you can get into the stretch.

Here is why it works so well!

1. The absolute #1 reason this feels so good is because is spans the entire range of the fibers for the pec muscles. As you press from the bottom position to overhead, there is a ‘fanning effect’ where you cover the entire fiber orientation of the pec minor and pec major. The line of tension and stretch ‘fans’ across or spans across the shoulders and deep into the pec fibers. Probably one of the deepest stretches I’ve ever felt for the pecs. Note, there is also another amazing stretch, called the Audinwood pec stretch, in my Ageless Athlete 2.0 program that is just as good, but this is the new one I’ve been working on.

2. This movement is essentially the exact SAME as a scapular wall slide and that is the EXACT movement you should be hitting. While you perform the conventional wall slide into the wall to activate the upper back and actively stretch the pec, with this double foam roller pec stretch, you will be actively driving your wrists and elbows upward toward the ceiling while PRESSING down on both foam rollers. So you will basically be performing a scapular wall slide on your knees with your hands on foam rollers.

3. You actively stretch the shoulders, pecs, and lats at the same time.

4. It’s quick and efficient.

If you love this bench press warm-up that really opens up your shoulders and chest, check out my new Ageless Athlete 2.0 program.

By on February 13th, 2020


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