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How to Build Muscle – 2 Ways to Modify Supersets


How to Build Muscle

2 Ways to Modify Supersets

In this video series you’ll get to see something special – Quadzilla makes an appearance.

Now Quadzilla is a term we typically give to a beast with big legs OR it is a derogatory term given to someone who demonstrates a lack of any significant quad development.

For the latter reference, the victim can greatly reduce the verbal abuse if, and only if, he chooses the appropriate short size and cut of material.

Because unfortunately, not all shorts are created equal.

Enter the Johnny Mac’s

When someone wears inappropriately short shorts to the gym, there is an issue.

We call that issue Johnny Mac’s.

The lifter in question has to endure taunts like the popular “knees are cold!” and is basically the brunt of all jokes for that workout and the remainder of the workouts for the rest of the week.

Who would subject himself to such ridicule?  How about the guy who forget his workout clothes and had to borrow someone’s shorts in the group.

Someone’s who is…much..shorter.

That’s who!  (check the video below)

If you suffer from Johnny Mac’s Syndrome (JMS) seek help today.  Please, before it’s too late.

Supersets for the Win

In my last muscle building strategy post, we talked about drop sets.  Now drop sets are a little different than supersets because for drop sets, you stay on the same exercise.

Supersets are a little different.

Supersets are done by moving between two exercises (i.e., 1A) and 1B)) with little to no rest – this jacks up the intensity and the training effect.  Supersets are another great way to get more done is less time.

Two Easy Ways to Modify Supersets

1.  Perform two different exercises for the same body part


1A)  Chin-ups

1B)  Dumbbell Curls

2.  Perform antagonistic or opposing movement patterns


1A)  Push-ups

1B)  Inverted Rows

In the video below, I demonstrate both variations and do so in style.  The key is to keep the form tight and the intensity high.  Many times our programming allows for supersets after our primary work is done.  Also, as a side note, what do supersets look like if you add a few more exercises?  What about a complex or circuit?  You’re right!

Leave a comment with your favorite supersets for each movement pattern or muscle group.


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By on October 17th, 2011


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Comments (7)

  1. Posted by - Björn on October 17, 2011

    The video is private? How do I become a member?

  2. Posted by - Pete on October 17, 2011

    Damn man … I wear Johnny macs all the time. That’s because all the shred made now are for Lebron james and not tattoo from fantasy island—–> me:)
    Love me short shorts

  3. Posted by - Chris on October 17, 2011

    Favorite antagonistic pair is double kettlebell snatch with weighted divebombers

  4. Posted by - Nick Outlaw on October 18, 2011

    So what if you forget your workout socks and have to wear dress socks to workout in? What should we call someone who wears out of place socks? Perhaps Sally Mac? Ha ha Smitty, Thanks for the laugh. Some of my favorite supersets include: Front squats and leg extensions; Leg curls and Romanian deadlifts; Underhand low rows and preacher curls;
    Antogonists: Reverse flyes and chest flyes; Rope push downs and hammer curls; Front Squat and Romanian Deadlifts; leg extensions and leg curls; the list can go on

  5. Posted by - Evan on October 20, 2011

    Do you recommend this for a deload week? Or is that too much work?

  6. Posted by - Jon on October 21, 2011

    Great video, Smitty! Some favorite super-sets include heavy incline/flat bench and slow tempo pause D.B. bench, and front squat with peterson split squat. Gotta have killer quads to wear short short’s.

  7. Posted by - Bill on October 23, 2011

    Hi Jimmy,

    Jammed with this after reading your article.
    Chest: Dumbell flat presses then incline presses superset this with chinups followed up with barbell rows. This equaled an awesome workout producing pain, sweat, and some unmentioned words too.

    What do you think of my combination of same muscle superset followed by antagonistic muscle exercises ?

    ALways find motivation and Rockin’ ideas here Jimmy ~ Thanks man !!


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