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Quick Shoulder Warm-up


Before you head back into the gym, print out this quick and super effective shoulder warm-up. It is the perfect sequence to unlock and activate the shoulders.

1. Pec / Lat Release on Med Ball: 2-3 min on each side
2. Banded Arm Circles: 20 reps
3. Kneeling Lat Stretch: 3-4 reps with 5 deep breaths
4. Side-Lying External Rotations: 2 sets x 20 reps each side
5. Face Pulls with External Rotation: 2 sets x 20 reps

For today’s message, I wanted to talk about jealousy.

Let’s start with this amazing quote from Karen Berg.

“Confidence isn’t thinking you’re better than everyone. It’s knowing you don’t need to compare yourself with anyone.”

One of our biggest obstacles is getting stuck comparing ourselves to others. What others have, what others are doing, how others are living – can paralyze our thoughts and actions.

We give others our energy, time, and attention – which leaves us with nothing for ourselves.

Once we realize the truth that all of our efforts should be spent enriching and strengthening our own lives by living our passion, gaining more knowledge, and believing in our own abilities, the energy we lost to others, now is returned back to our own lives.

Gone is frustration, worry, and jealousy. It is replaced with happiness, fulfillment, and peace.

Your life truly begins when you regain this energy.



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By on May 23rd, 2015


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