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How to Deadlift without a Barbell

I recently did a seminar with my good friend Steve Maxwell. What is really cool is that he has no real home.  He just travels from seminar to seminar all over the world.  Steve told me it was hard to carry any significant equipment with him on his journeys because of the inconvenience and he was looking for a substitute for kettlebell swings and deadlifts.

While he was here, I was showing him some of my equipment and he took and interest in some Elite short bands.  He immediately said he could use the bands to substitute for some of his lower body training, specifically deadlifts and kettlebell swings. His initial thought was to use two dowel rods, but I had thought the bottom dowel would be too cumbersome to stand on, so I suggested a flat iron.  That is the origin of the “Maxwell Travel Deadlift Kit.” It is a simple way to deadlift without a barbell – all with minimal equipment you can take with you when you travel.

After our seminar, Steve actually used the setup to put Joe Rogan through some deadlifts.  I have since made myself the same kit and I have to tell you, it works!  This setup is not only easy to put in a suitcase, but also take out on the field for large groups like bootcamps. Especially if you’re tired of loading a bunch of heavy equipment in your car and lugging it around. It definitely is a viable option.

Many in the fitness industry have realized that you can get results without all of that fancy equipment. Most times it is overpriced and cheaply developed. This simple setup is bulletproof and durable.

Let’s see Steve use the setup with Joe Rogan.

Simple Deadlift Setup without a Barbell

By on May 2nd, 2011


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Comments (6)

  1. Posted by - Luke on May 2, 2011

    Great idea. Shipping at Elite Fitness is a killer ($9 shipping for a $7 band), but I’m pretty tempted to grab these items.

  2. Posted by - Michael M on May 3, 2011

    Luke, I am on the EliteFTS email list. They often have free ground shipping. That is when I usually buy my bands. They have other good promotions too like free t-shirts, 20% off (and other percentages), etc. Get on their email list or just go to the home page everyday until they have free shipping.

  3. Posted by - Doug Parra on May 4, 2011

    Very cool. What does Steve say to Joe at the very end about stepping ……?

    • Posted by - Smitty on May 4, 2011

      Not sure, let me listen to it again.

  4. Posted by - Luke on May 11, 2011

    Michael- Great tip. Free shipping (and a blender bottle) today. Putting in an order now.

  5. Posted by - Johnparkers on January 6, 2012

    wow, portable fitness kit.. Isn’t it a wonder. I would also like to order for myself coz i go to different places and can’t carry heavy luggage

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