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Joint-Friendly Shoulder Training – Constant Tension Front Raises

I came up with this little training variation today for dumbbell front raises. I noticed there was some momentum when we used the dumbbells and some of the repetitions were done without pulling both dumbbells up to the same height. I looked around the gym and found a short piece of pvc and threw it up top of wrists. This was the absolute perfect addition to the dumbbell front raise movement to:

1. Keep tension throughout the full range of motion (try not to ‘bobble’ the pvc pipe)
2. Minimize momentum or swing
3. Make the movement more intentional
4. Pull the dumbbells both up to the same height for each rep

For a lot of seated isolation movements for the deltoids – front raises, laterals, posterior flyes (prone), Cuban presses, and other variations – many lifters use momentum as fatigue sets in or they simply use weights that are too heavy. Dropping the weight and becoming more intentional with each repetition will make each set and the entire workout much more effective.

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By on January 10th, 2021


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