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Killer Core Exercise to Improve Your Overhead Press

Improve your overhead press

When you’re trying to improve your overhead lockout and pressing strength, you first need to understand ‘position.’

When we talk about position at our CPPS certification, we are talking about keeping your back straight (or neutral) when you’re performing loading strength training movement patterns. This is super important for remaining injury-free and creating the stability needed to lift and press heavy weights.

Watch this very quick video I posted on Instagram to show you how I used both my breath AND glutes to drive my ribs down and pull my pelvis to a more neutral position – so that I could ensure that I was stretching my actual shoulder and not driving my back into more extension.

A video posted by @smittydiesel on

Now, once you have a ‘good position’ the next goal is to set this position with bracing (a critical fundamental component we talk about in the Strength System).

There are many core stability (multi-planar) exercises you could choose from, but one we really like are Around the Worlds (see the Hard:CORE System).

Around the Worlds can be best described as a ‘dynamic plank’ anti-extension core variation that simultaneously develops scapular stability. You will setup on a box or a bench in a rigid plank and walk around your hands around in a complete circle. Special coaching note: You can overload Around the Worlds with chains, sandbags, or a weight vest. You can also perform them with an elastic band around your wrists and walk your hands in a staggered pattern around the circle.

The goal is to stay tight and try to keep your hips as still as possible. Breath shallow while you maintain a straight back and bracing while you move your hands around the box or bench.

Check it out:

Try out the position reset and then lock this position in with Around the Worlds and you’ll have the perfect 1-2 punch.



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By on January 11th, 2016


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