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Knee-Friendly Training to Develop Your Quads

Knee-Friendly Quad Training

Check out this very simple quad blaster that is friendly for busted up old knees that need lots of care. While I’m still squatting and deadlifting, there are certain quad exercises that give my right knee problems because I don’t have full flexion in it and there is a pretty nasty meniscus tear in it.

Now, because of the constant time under tension for the quads, this little routine is absolutely murder! The key, however, is your pacing if you want to get the most out of it. You should be performing a 10-count for the eccentric, a 10-count ISO-hold at parallel, 10 reps of hip abduction, and then a 10-count concentric to get back to lockout. This is a brutal routine!

Here is how the knee-friendly circuit looks:
1A) 10-count ECCENTRIC lowering
1B) 10-count ISO-hold at parallel
1C) Hip Abduction x 10 reps
1D) 10-count CONCENTRIC drive back to lockout

As an important coaching note, other options for knee friendly quad training include Amosov squats, sissy squats, backward sled dragging, heel-elevated goblet squats, box squats, step-ups, slow-eccentric step downs, and even single-leg leg press.

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By on January 16th, 2020


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