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Maxwell Spinal Wave Protocol


Because we just released the new Ageless Athlete program, I wanted to readdress Steve Maxwell’s Spinal Wave protocol that I first talked about in 2011.

Steve and I did a seminar together back in 2011 and during the downtime, I was asking him about his best low back rehab exercises – and he showed his spinal wave protocol.

It was a combination of a Jefferson curl and a cat / camel sequence – basically adding tension through a segmental step through each vertebrae, building durability in the spinal erectors and mobilizing the spine.

What was interesting was his call out of “dead spots” where people cannot stabilize or initiate appropriate muscular contraction to create (or prevent unwanted) movement at specific joint angles due to previous injuries, immobility issues, or poor movement strategies. As we teach in our CPPS certification, we can begin restructuring and create more deliberate movement with slow eccentrics, isometrics, and super slow movements. (see Special Strength)

Use Maxwell’s Spinal Wave protocol as a complement to your current program to bulletproof your back and create more durability (time under tension, deceleration proficiency, muscular endurance, decrease potential of injury) across your entire posterior chain.

By on July 6th, 2017


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