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Mechanical Advantage Dropset – Tricep MASS with Cable Stack


In this tough variation, I show how to quickly transition between loaded, unloaded, and assisted dips as fatigue sets in. This is a great way to build massive metabolic stress (and muscle mass) and keep the reps going as you start to get deep into a set. (MORE ON TRICEP MASS)

I like to precede this type of higher volume supplemental work with a heavy mass builder like close-grip bench press or even loaded push-ups with a narrow neutral grip (on dumbbells).

Using the Cable Stack

We used a dip belt attached to a cable stack setup “behind” the dip bar. I love this setup because the tension is constant and pulling in a straight line behind the athlete. This allows them to lean forward “into” the tension and perform very steady and consistent repetitions.

The weight doesn’t move around and the line of tension is not “straight down” as in the typical ‘hanging weights from the belt’ setup.

Rest Periods

To keep the tension and stress on, rest as short as possible between transitions and focus on quality repetitions during your all out sets.

Here is the dropset:

1A] Dips with Cable Stack, 5 sets x 8-12 reps
1B] Dips with Bodyweight, 5 sets x AMRAP
1C] Dips with Band Assistance, 5 sets x AMRAP

By on February 24th, 2017

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