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Random Thoughts – 2 – No Equipment Training, Hope, Strength Training, Ladders, Warm-up, Louie Simmons


There is Always Hope

I came across this story a few days ago and it really stood out to me.  You don’t need all the fancy equipment, big gym and gadgets to get strong.  All you need is the desire.  The story is about a reporter who went to Sao Paulo, Brazil and found an underground boxing movement.  These fighters trained in the street with equipment they found or put together.  Necessity is the mother of invention and when you want something bad enough, you will do everything in your power to achieve it.  And when you realize that there are no limitations, you will accomplish great things.

Read Full Story HERE:

How to Read Fitness Research

All of you strength coaches and fitness professional, listen up!

I have just got an advanced copy of Mark Young’s new HTRFR and it is one of the most important products to come out in the industry in years. When developing articles, post and products there is a great deal of research that must be done.  I would say that this product is not necessarily for the average gym goer, but if you are a fitness professional, I would say it is a must.  It teaches you how to have a critical eye to digital and published research so that you can make informed decisions and analysis for your own implementation.

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Building Strength

“Strength leads to endurance. If you get strong in a movement, it will allow you to use more moderate weights for greater reps down the road, leading to greater hypertrophy.” – Kyle Newell – (Reference 1)


Reference 1:

Building Strength – Part Deux

I want you to consider two scenarios and the differences in adaptation.

Two dudes have a 1RM of 315 on bench.

Dude 1 does endless sets of 225×15

Dude 2 works for multiple sets of 275×6

Who is going to get stronger?  Who has the potential to increase their 1RM?

Answer: The guy working closer to his 1RM is going to get stronger.  Dude 1 will get better doing sets of 225 with a higher volume, but Dude 2 has a higher potential because the intensity (load) is higher.  SAID principle and Principle of Progressive Overload is in full effect.


We’ve been killing ladders in my training group and it has made a huge impact.  Not only for the muscular endurance, but for drilling perfect form on every rep. See all the benefits of ladders HERE.

Great New Elite Warm-up

I put together an awesome new warm-up for Elite a while ago but it was recently published.  It combines activation and mobility to start your workout.  There would also be foam rolling and lacrosse ball soft-tissue work intertwined into the workout as needed.

Click HERE to read full article:

Louie Simmon’s

“I started squatting when I was 14, I’m 59. They tell me how to squat every set. If you don’t do something perfect, why do it at all. Every set I am coached” – Louie Simmons

This is probably one of the most important quotes I have ever heard.  I don’t care how long an athlete has been in my program, I still coach them every set.  Throwing out cues and ensuring complete focus, I can keep their attention on form and execution throughout the set.

Fat Gripz

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By on April 21st, 2011


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